Yva.AI: Combating Unwanted Attrition: Embracing AI for Ingenious Innovation

Gary Fowler

For a company to be efficient and productive, it is necessary to build a corporate culture that takes care of its employees and the workforce. Nowadays employee engagement has become the most critical issue facing organizations. Evidently, the engagement of the workforce is directly proportional to the efficiency it has to deliver on a regular basis. To understand the needs and demands of employees, businesses are compelled to deploy real-time analytical platform. These platforms will enhance one-on-one interaction between higher authority and the regular workforce. With the implementation of effective artificial intelligence technology, companies will eventually excel in the world of disruptive innovation.

Yva.ai is a company that develops an AI-powered real-time smart employee analytics and performance management system which helps organizations save millions of dollars by predicting resignations of key employees with 86% accuracy, detecting interpersonal conflicts, identifying toxic managers and agents of change, building success profiles, and more.

Yva is an intelligent “corporate health tracker” and recommendation system for managers, employees, and HR. The system is an AI-driven unique combination of communication data analytics and short weekly employee surveys.


Skillfully Experienced Leader and Team

Gary Fowler is the President and CEO of Yva.ai, a serial technology entrepreneur who co-founded startups including GVA LaunchGurus (Top accelerator), IPO (CKSW), Co-Chairman of the Year AmCham Innovation Committee, and a TEDX speaker. Yva’s team consists of PhDs from around the world and professionals with more than 10 years of experience working in HR, AI, NLP, and content intelligence. The team is made up of 25 engineers, scientists, HR specialists, and managers.

Yva offers profound insights that increase sales by up to 15 percent while helping design success profiles of the best performer and more. Behind the next-gen product, is a competent team that consists of highly qualified and tech-skilled members.


Crafting Feature-Rich Functionalities

 Yva is based on ML and AI and tracks the behavioral patterns of employees through metadata analysis of communications data, which is the safest and most secure method. The metadata can be anything from timestamps when emails were sent or received, the subject line in an email, or addresses in an email. Yva’s AI-driven solution comes pre-trained and is designed to analyze the changes in the metadata that are not obvious to the human eye.

Clearly, where Yva hits the mark is unsupervised AI. The company is one among the few companies that offer an AI system that teaches itself. For example, a person who is considering resignation will exhibit subtle signs such as a change in the frequency of response and slack, which Yva instantly detects. But what is truly revolutionary is that Yva’s system grows by learning, similar to the human brain, and as a result, the more a company uses Yva, the more accurate are the results.


Transparency Behind Analysis

 Through Yva, the company offers a combination of the subjective and objective data analysis. It inputs two kinds of data into its system. On the hard data side, it has emails and on the soft data side, it has the responses from 360-degree surveys that are taken by employees. Yva projects the insights revealed from this information on two kinds of dashboards. One is the manager dashboard which breaks down how employees are performing in groups, different departments, or by geography. Yva also has the ‘my Yva dashboard’ which is the employee dashboard.

“Employees have complete access to analyses and as an outcome, they are motivated to do better in case there is a dip in performance. These dashboards also reflect feedback from co-workers, based on the 360-degree surveys. Imagine the power of staying ahead with real-time, year-round performance reviews instead of the usual twice a year drill,” said Gary.


A Cut Above Other Solution Providers

Yva introduces a concept relatively unheard of in the HR space. Add to that the deep and extensive experience that the company brings to the table, which helps the team network better, reach out to more clients, and design advanced solutions. Yva churns out a truly holistic solution that is industry-agnostic and offers a 360-degree view of what is happening within an organization, as opposed to other solutions that work in silos.


Unique Value Proposition

After running a successful pilot program with a retail bank with over 200,000 employees, recently the company has implemented Yva into their architecture. So far, Yva has analyzed 125 Million emails which are 1.5 TB of data! The core challenge was that the client wanted to identify the change leaders within the company, and they resorted to surveys to spot specific characteristics in employees.

The surveys proved to be not only ineffectual but also time and resource consuming. Given the pace at which businesses move today, the results were slow which in turn hindered timely decision-making. With Yva, the bank was able to leverage the power of AI to clarify the outcomes received from over 25,000 surveys. One major drawback of manual methods is human bias and subjectivity, which Yva completely eliminated. Also, the client was able to identify hidden opinion leaders; someone with equal influence in the organization which a survey might fail to pick.


Prospective Roadmap

Yva has major expansion plans in the pipeline, starting from the U.S., Asia, and Europe, and it is also targeting new verticals. But overall the company’s main mission is to constantly ‘listen’ to its customers and bring the right product at the right place, at the right time.

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