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What is Analytics Insight?

We are the world’s First Print and Digital Publication focused on disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The Analytics Insight Magazine features opinions and views from top leaders and executives in the industry who share their journeys, experiences, success stories, and knowledge to grow profitable businesses.

Analytics Insight’s market focus remains on emerging technologies. The market analysis of these technologies helps key decision-makers across organizations and enterprises predict emerging trends, build comprehensive strategies, improve existing products and solutions, plan market expansion, and reach the right customers.

The Analytics Insight platform uses extensive market research, historical data, and algorithms to pinpoint emerging trends and future growth opportunities and help organizations determine where to compete. It helps decision-makers innovate technology processes, and predict sales with the ability to sense, react, and adapt to changing market conditions.

Our Vision

To be the trusted and premier source of information and analysis on disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics to maximize the strategic value of organizations worldwide. We aim to build a community of tech enthusiasts who love to share their knowledge, experience, and passion with others.”


Our Products

Daily News and Analysis

The daily news and analysis is the strategic research and publishing platform of Analytics Insight. It covers news, insights and analysis on a wide range of topics serving analytics industry.


We provide our audience of influential leaders with critical business insights and unparalleled access to the world’s most knowledgeable analytics people. By leveraging our extensive access to senior executives, we help position brands as though leaders in their space.

Research Reports

Analytics Insight Reports are aimed at the industry data covering different segments, geographies, forecast, strategies, and technologies, providing the latest intelligence on analytical trends.


With a team of experienced analysts, subject-matter experts, and editors, Analytics Insight provides users with accurate, high-quality quantitative data, statistics and related information.

Our Audience

Analytics Insight reaches an affluent audience with high technical knowledge, technologists and influential leaders who create and shape the industry. Brands adore Analytics Insight as a platform to demonstrate their thought leadership and innovation to a niche community of highly ambitious industry leaders, tech entrepreneurs and investors. The platform also unites the world’s premier influencers. It offers customized solutions to drive that level of leadership and recognition to enterprises.



Analytics Insights team comprises of experts with several years of experience coming from high pedigree institutes such as IITs and NITs. We curate leading technology stories, reports, thought leadership pieces and developments, getting you directly to the core of what’s trending, saving your precious time.



Analytics Insight has been recognized and authorized by the Government of India’s Ministry of Commerce Industry, Department of Industrial Policy Promotion as one of the few media and publishing startups for their excellence in driving innovation through disruptive technologies and services. The publication has been named as The Most Promising Brands in 2023 by Economic Times.


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