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How Technology Helps Companies and Individuals Prosper

We live in a renaissance, a historic technological age. Literally, every aspect of our lives is touched in some way

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Reckoning Artificial Intelligence Common Sense through Neural Network

Programming common sense into a computer involves adding inputs of computer rules   Common sense is what differentiates humans from machines.

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How AI Chatbot helps Children to Fight Online Abuse

Artificial intelligence to address online abuse against Children Thousands of children face sexual exploitation online every year. As per CyberTipline‘s 2019

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Top Cloud Computing Funding and Investment in October 2020

Cloud spending is relentlessly skyrocketing as businesses seek modernization. Cloud computing has made it easier for organizations to perform business

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The Importance of Design Process to Build Inclusive Technology

Focussing on the design process to make technology more inclusive If an education upheaval will happen through the adoption of

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Basic Introduction on how to become a Self-driving Car Engineer

With rapid demand for autonomous vehicles, careers in this sector are up ticking too We all know that connected autonomous

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Exclusive Talks

Exclusive Interaction with Sushant Gupta, Founder & CEO, SG Analytics

The massive amounts of data generated by modern organisations are influencing organisations to adapt to data-centric research where ready-made data

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Nigel Willson: Ensuring ‘AI for Good’ with Unprecedented Leadership and Exemplary Success

The proliferation of Artificial Intelligence has brought some major role change for prevailing leaderships. Dropping their old tactics, they are

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Kirk Borne: Leading Industry with a Multitude of Cognizance and Extensive Big Data Experience

The ever-changing landscape of the IT industry has witnessed the emergence of new-age technologies in the past few years. Technologies

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Exclusive Interaction with Sanjay Srivastava, Chief Digital Officer, Genpact

In our latest episode of the Podcast series, Priya Dialani, Senior Editor, Analytics Insight speaks to Sanjay Srivastava, Chief Digital

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Exclusive Interaction with Jim Kaskade, Chief Executive Officer, Conversica

In our latest episode of the Podcast series, Priya Dialani, Content Manager, Analytics Insight speaks to Jim Kaskade, CEO, Conversica

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Exclusive Interaction with Michael Lende, CEO, Internet of Things, Inc.

In our latest episode of the Podcast series, Priya Dialani, Senior Editor, Analytics Insight speaks to Michael Lende, CEO, Internet

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Funding and Investment


Top Artificial Intelligence Investments and Funding In October 2020

Financial Aid can help open new avenues for AI-based Startups. AI is one of the hottest sectors, with its technology

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Top Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Investments in July 2020

Artificial Intelligence is growing at a faster pace. Despite the unprecedented situation of coronavirus, 2020 till date has witnessed sustained

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Top Artificial Intelligence Investments in June 2020

Artificial Intelligence is growing at a faster pace. With this faster pace, it is also attracting a series of funding

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Business Strategy

Understanding Tesla’s Intensive Growth Strategy in 2020

Tesla Inc., formerly known as Tesla Motors Inc., designs, develops, manufactures, and sells electric vehicles and stationary energy storage products.

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OpenAI’s Artificial Intelligence Strategy

For several years, there has been a lot of discussion around AI’s capabilities. Many believe that AI will outperform humans

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Devising Big Data Strategies to Ensure Better Business Outcomes with Agility

Big data has turned into the lifeblood of modern businesses. The technology can enable businesses to operate with extended flexibility

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Case Studies

Nissan Enhanced its Customer Interaction Through Adobe Cloud’s Digital Marketing Solution

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. is a global business that operates in over 160 countries and runs manufacturing facilities in more

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Max Healthcare Improves Efficiency with UiPath Robots

Max Healthcare was facing challenges in processing large volumes of patient transactions while ensuring the accuracy and security of documents.

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Driving Innovation and Efficiency to Disrupt Logistic Management

Known as the cloud company empowered by SAP HANA®, SAP leads the enterprise software market, helping organizations of all sizes

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Our Client Say

Deep Thomas, Group Data and Analytics Cell

Aditya Birla Management Corporation

With changing times and increasing complexity of running businesses; the relevance of digital and analytics has reached new levels and will be a springboard to surge ahead of the competition. Thus, it is paramount that leaders are on top of this game-changer and are continuously plugged into trends, news, and its varied applications and potential. Analytics Insights is one such reliable and go-to medium that provides leaders with well-researched, holistic, and insightful coverage of this rapidly evolving field.


Sai Sangineni, Founder and CEO

Analytics Insight has been very precise & accurate in being able to deliver the exact message we wanted to convey about our company. You got a great team of editors who could rightly articulate the heart of the content, yet making it brief & reader friendly. We appreciate your work and look forward for continued collaboration with you.

Michelle Johnson, Marketing Director


It was a pleasure to work with Analytics Insight, and we were very happy with the issue that featured our company. Our contact was very professional and responsive, and the magazine itself was an impressive way to highlight what we've been working on at eLC.

Stephen Southin


Like you, we had our story of finding ways to adapt innovations in big data and artificial intelligence to move our focused industry forward, and we wanted to share it with the community and the world. Being one of the globes first publications to focus on creating this type of reach entirely with their dedicated audience, working with the entire team at Analytics Insight Magazine has been inspirational in itself. They made this happen for us, and we are very grateful.