Top Data Science Jobs in September 2020

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Data Science Jobs

Career opportunities in data science have exponentially grown in recent years.

Companies nowadays are very keen to capture data and derive actionable insights from it. When examined accurately, the data ostensibly unlocks the trends that could assist businesses to better serve customers, bolster sales and keep their businesses growing. Companies are pouring huge capital towards capitalizing on data skills, spurring the demand of data scientists, analysts, engineers, architects, etc. A data scientist can make the most out of data and provide companies with meaningful information to drive innovation.

Currently, the field of data science is in its growing phase and will continue to rise as companies continue to glean data from various sources. Though pursuing a career in data has become an intriguing job option, here is a look at the list of top data science jobs in September 2020.


Data Architect

Average Salary: INR 17,85,558

Salary Range (per year): INR 1,035,000 – INR 3,233,000

A Data Architect analyzes the data needs of the company and leverages skills in coding to maintain secure databases. He/she uses their training in analytics and different coding programs to examine the information and draw conclusions based on their findings. They develop key metrics for tests on data and ensure the integrity of the same on data architecture.



• Design short term resolutions to achieve all goals and prepare data roadmap for management.

• Determine procedure to identify and collect all required data, validate the process and recommend improvements to corporate data.

• Oversaw and monitor all frameworks to manage data across an organization.

• Design and provide support to all data management methodologies according to required standards.

• Provide training to manage various data and ensure enhancement in staff working.

• Monitor and identify appropriate equipment, tools and systems to achieve all data technology goals and more.



Data architects must have very solid backgrounds in application design, systems development, and information management. He/she should be able to compile and organize statistical information retrieved and present findings to management and require experience working with private and sensitive personal information. Strong computer skills and the ability to use necessary databases and software can add benefits.


Data Scientist

Average Salary: INR 9,00,000

Salary Range (per year): INR 357,000 – INR 1,896,000

A data scientist typically builds models to address business issues, undertakes data collection, pre-processing and analysis, and presents information using data visualization techniques. He/she identifies the data analytics solutions that promise the most significant potential to drive the growth of an organisation.



• Recognize valuable data sources and automate collection processes

• Evaluate voluminous amounts of information to find trends and patterns

• Develop predictive models and machine learning algorithms

• Combine models through ensemble modeling

• Collaborate with engineering and product development teams



A candidate seeking to become a data scientist must have the knowledge of statistics; at least one programming language; data extraction, transformation, and Loading; data wrangling and data exploration; machine learning algorithms; big data processing frameworks, and data visualization, among others. Analytical mind and business acumen, strong math skills, along with problem-solving aptitude and excellent communication and presentation skills can be beneficial.


Data Engineer

Average Salary: INR 8,15,871

Salary Range (per year): INR 341,000 – INR 1,701,000

Data engineers are mainly responsible for transforming data into a format that can be easily assessed. They work closely with data scientists and are largely in charge of architecting solutions for data scientists that let them do their jobs efficiently. A data engineer must have an understanding of how to optimize data retrieval and how to develop dashboards, reports and other visualizations for stakeholders.



• Create and maintain optimal data pipeline architecture,

• Assemble large, complex data sets that meet functional / non-functional business requirements.

• Use programming language and tools

• Identify ways to improve data reliability, efficiency and quality

• Conduct research for industry and business questions

• Use large data sets to address business issues and more.



Becoming a data engineer requires an aspirant to have proficiency in one programming language; experience with big data tools like Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, etc.; and strong project management and organizational skills. He/she also has strong analytic skills to handle and work with large, unstructured datasets.


Machine Learning Engineer

Average Salary: INR 7,64,879

Salary Range (per year): INR 360,000 – INR 1,555,000

A Machine Learning Engineer understands and uses computer science fundamentals, including data structures, algorithms, computability and complexity and computer architecture. He/she designs and implements ML algorithms such as clustering, anomaly detection, classification, or prediction to address business challenges.



• Produce project outcomes and isolate the issues that need to be resolved, in order to make programmes more effective

• Collaborate with data engineers to build data and model pipelines

• Manage the infrastructure and data pipelines needed to bring code to production

• Build algorithms based on statistical modeling procedures and build and maintain scalable machine learning solutions in production

• Use data modeling and evaluation strategy to find patterns and predict unseen instances

• Apply machine learning algorithms and libraries

• Lead on software engineering and software design and more.



A candidate seeking to become a machine learning engineer must know programming languages such as Python, Java, Scala, C++, and Javascript. He/she needs to know how to build highly-scalable distributed systems. Engineers are expected to have a strong foundation in mathematics and statistics, as well as experience in Elasticsearch, SQL, Amazon Web Service, and REST APIs.


Data Analyst

Average Salary: INR 5,09,145

Salary Range (per year): INR 224,000 – INR 1,099,000

A data analyst delivers value to its company by taking information about specific topics and then construes, analyzes and presents findings in comprehensive reports. He/she researches data to help solve business problems, including how to optimize economic gains, how to minimize turnovers and how to streamline logistic processes.



• Create reports for internal teams and/or external clients

• Collaborate with team members to collect and analyze data

• Use graphs, infographics and other methods to visualize data

• Establish KPIs to measure the effectiveness of business decisions

• Structure large data sets to find usable information

• Create presentations and reports based on recommendations and findings



Data Analysts employ numerous skills to solve business problems. They must have coding skills in languages such as Oracle and Python, experience with statistical software, reporting and data visualization skills, along with technical writing skills, analytical and problem-solving skills and the ability to set and meet deadlines.

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