JPayroll: Efficiently Managing Payroll Processes Through Flexible and Transparent Integrated HRIS Solutions


Andry Kosasih

Java Consulting Indonesia (JCI) is people’s trusted partner in giving them technology solutions to makes their business better to compete in this modern industrial era. The company’s priority is to offer businesses with the best integrated HRIS and Payroll system on the market, giving them a package that allows them to consolidate across multiple locations and countries, and with compliance of all local tax and labor policies. JPayroll gives its clients peace of mind through the highest levels of accessibility and functionality, letting them increase sales, productivity, efficiency, and profits, but without increasing production or maintenance costs. JCI realizes those challenges by creating a flexible, sophisticated leading HRIS Enterprise Solution called JPayroll


The company started off as an ERP implementer and implemented many business solutions for various companies. It hears its customer demand by bringing its experience to provide an integrated Payroll and HRIS product that can accommodate local regulations and needs which is not available in common ERPs. JPayroll took the initiative to build an HRIS product that can answer all these challenges. And now this HRIS Product has already evolved into a flexible, sophisticated, integrated solution that has already helped a lot of organizations. 



A Progressive Leadership


All of these achievements would never have been achieved without the hard work of the team and the direction of the extraordinary leadership. CEO Andry Kosasih works hard with the team, giving the right direction, expand the market, and create a GTM strategy for some countries. This makes JPayroll increasingly known and progressed to being one of the world’s leading Payroll & HRIS Software systems. Currently, JPayroll is available in 6 countries in Southeast Asia including Cambodia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar. The company is growing much better than expected. The company credits it success to solid teamwork, trust, and hard work in building new and innovative solutions.




Integrated Solutions Offering Better Business Prospects


JPayroll offers integrated solutions that enable an optimized package allowing people to manage employee data, attendance, overtime, payroll, tax, insurance, loans, performance, and much more. With all of these integrated solutions, the company is giving people better information to analyze their human resources to make their businesses better. JPayroll system produces salary analytics report which is powerful and helpful for the C-level management to analyze the dynamic cost fluctuation across the company. This is one of its top features in JPayroll. The company is also providing all of that information into an interactive dashboard to support decision-makers to get a better experience in analyzing the data.



Innovations Driving Customer Satisfaction


Since the company launched JPayroll in 2009, it has constantly been developing it to be a better product, to add innovative new features, and to ensure it is a world-class product suitable for any size of business. JPayroll knows that the factors which matter to its customers are:


FLEXIBILITY: Its system can comply with company policy for all industrial segments, as well as tax and labor policies across multiple countries, meaning less work for organizations and their staff.


ACCESSIBILITY: The system allows people to access and monitor real-time data from wherever they are. 


CONSOLIDATION: The JPayroll system allows people to consolidate data from multiple sites of their business, even when they are located across several countries. 


SIMPLICITY: The company’s interface is designed to be simple to use and to access, allowing one-click access to the data people want to see and monitor. 


INTEGRATION: JPayroll’s system integrates multiple data streams, saving the stress of using different software packages. Organizations can access and monitor; plan payroll, HR, attendance, salary, overtime, tax, and much more. This lets them review previous sectors in time, identify any areas of concern, and plan how to best utilize resources and manpower going forward. The company’s system can be integrated into third-party apps, which allows people to have an all-in-one business solution.



Valuable Recognition Across Globe


JPayroll caters to organizations spread across multiple industries, countries and regions including the US, Europe, Japan, Korea, South East Asian companies including Indonesia. Because of its high commitment to creating the latest innovations in the HR field, APAC CIO Outlook has recognized JPayroll as the Top 25 HR Technology Solution Provider in 2017 and 2018.



Tackling Challenges with Experience


According to Andry, to keep its product innovative and stand out to the market is not an easy job. There are many challenges the company faced, one of them is to keep the quality of its services to its customers. A leading sophisticated system will only be a product if people don’t know how to operate the system. That’s why JPayroll always guides people with expert consultants who always are their trusted partner in giving solutions and answering all of their challenges. Companies know it’s a big challenge for them to have a competent, trusted consultant in handling this massive market. And JPayroll has been working to solve these challenges faced by organizations for over a decade and is experienced at this. And to answer all of these challenges, trust is its key.



Future of Human Resource Analysis


Nowadays managing people in a company cannot be done by managing only one aspect. Organizations need more aspects of human resources and integrate them into one system and let them give it as much information as it needs to do a human resource analysis. They can manage attendance data through the default software of their fingerprint machine and do payroll calculations manually, but integrating it into the system by combining HRIS aspects will give them better data analysis and make the right decision. Their attendance and HRIS data can also be used to assess employee performance and competency. With the data available, organizations can improve the quality of their employees by providing rewards or training that will improve their competencies.


Andry Kosasih believes that human resource analysis is the future of any company because the role of humans can never be replaced. However, to provide better analysis, the role of an integrated system will greatly assist them in getting the right data and action needed.