Ger Finnin: Providing Strategic Competitive Advantage Via Advanced Visualization and Data Analysis

Ger Finnin

TQS Integration is a global leader in the provision of Contextualized Real-Time Data (CRTD). The company is dedicated to the capture, contextualization and delivery of data and it has become world leader in architecture and application design, engineering, system integration, project management, commissioning and 24×7 “follow the sun” support services, including remote control and command centre operations. Over the last five years, the company has invested heavily in R&D, developing ground-breaking analytics and visualization tools to provide real-time analytics capabilities to front line operators. TQS provides leading-edge industry practices and methodology, gained from varied and unique worldwide experience in all sectors, providing clients a strategic competitive advantage via advanced visualization and data analytics of real-time and historical data.

Recognized as the leading data integration company globally within the Pharma and Life Sciences sectors, the company’s experiences of working in these highly regulated and compliance-driven environments provide a seamless crossover to any sector or industry and peace of mind to any client operating in a mission-critical environment.

TQS has pioneered the use of data as a front-line tool and has been the first to market with AR-based analytics tools and customizable visualization tools for all levels within organizations. The company is providing organizations of all sizes the full power of data intelligence regardless of their budget based on a CAPEX or DaaS (Data as a Service subscription model).

In over 20 years of providing data intelligence services, if data exists, TQS has found a way to Capture, Contextualize and Visualize it. As a company, it has NEVER failed to acquire data for a client.


A Proficient Leadership

Ger Finnin, who serves as the Chief Executive Officer at TQS Integration, joined the company in 2018 as part of a planned period of growth with over 30 years’ of experience in Electrical, Mechanical engineering, and Maintenance within highly regulated environments. His skills in these areas along with the ability to build effective teams have been demonstrated by the rapid growth of TQS which has doubled in size since 2018.


Empowering Companies with Real-time Actionable Insights

In more than 20 years, since the company was founded by Tom and Maire Quilty in County Waterford, Ireland, TQS has been dedicated to the delivery of Contextualized Real-Time Data to operators and corporate users in a manner that facilitates immediate analytics, making these services available well before the current explosion of industrial data. Having over two decades of experience in delivering data intelligence services, the company was well placed to become a leader in the visualization and analytics of real-time and historical data.

TQS quickly found that data teams were spending inordinate amounts of time and effort in “conditioning” or “verifying” data prior to its utilization, this led to the 80/20 problem where companies were engaging data scientists for analytics but found that they were spending 80% of their time conditioning and verifying data and only 20% on the value-added analytics. Working with OsiSoft’s PI System™, TQS is eliminating the 80% spent on checking and verifying data enabling clients to connect sensor-based data, systems, and people. The company is delivering real-time, actionable insights that empower companies to optimize and transform their business at every level and in real-time.


Driving Progress with Strong Team-Culture

Leading a multinational data intelligence company which at heart is a family-owned business, brings unique challenges but huge rewards. The owners of TQS are very focused and understand that it is the team they have built that is delivering the TQS success. Ger says, “Taking the culture developed by Maire and Tom Quilty and maintaining it during rapid expansion has been a rewarding challenge and one that continues to deliver to all of our team. True analytics happens only when people are involved and it is the ability to inspire people at all levels within an organization that will be the most important factor in determining success.”


Overpowering the Primal Challenges

The biggest challenge in making progress in any endeavour is sharing the vision and engaging the entire team in identifying their part in achieving that vision. According to Ger, having been involved in a variety of industries and sectors this has been a constant – keeping people engaged, enthused and focused on the overall vision. This is doubly true now with the industry pulse-quickening, there are distractions around every corner and it is easy as an organization to lose sight of the vision and allow people to lose focus.


Focus & Empathy: Imperative for Success

In Ger’s opinion, there are two vital attributes that any leader should possess- Focus and Empathy. He says, “As a leader, it is easy to lose sight of the people around you and the pressures they face but being able to remain focused on the overall goal while displaying real empathy for the challenges of the people who are delivering will ensure that your team remains at peak performance.”


Innovating Through Cross-Sector Experiences

Working with a diverse range of clients allows TQS to bring their cross-sector experiences to the development of solutions for specific and complex challenges. The development of the TQS LivePoint Analytics and Visualization platform, five years ago, was a game-changer for the industry and has paved the way for many pretenders, staying ahead of the field. This means TQS is developing additional modules and plugins for the core platform and facilitating simple client customization. How does TQS stay ahead? The answer is simple, Listening!

TQS doesn’t shoehorn a problem into a product, the process is simply to develop a client-focused solution to their specific challenge or problem.


Future of Analytics: Human

The future of Analytics is Human! Providing people with the tools to rapidly and accurately analyze data is the future, sure thousands of simple and even difficult functions can be handled by Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning but to truly extract value from data there needs to be a human factor and making that real-time human/data connection seamless is the future.


Words of Wisdom

The most important advice Ger shares with budding leaders is to “embrace your team and never fear failure.” There is a quote from Carl Bard which has guided him through many failures “Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” According to him, one must “Remember Now is where you are so don’t waste time looking back, start now and make a brand new ending.”