Exclusive Interaction with Srikripa Srinivasan, Vice President, Dell Global Analytics, Dell Technologies

February 5, 2020

The world has already arrived at the fourth industrial revolution where technological disruption across businesses is at its peak, transforming all functional areas of it efficiently. This technological disruption holds significant promises in terms of improving business processes and delivers opportunities for organizations to endeavor into new areas to define business growth.

In an interview with Analytics Insight, Srikripa Srinivasan, Vice President, Dell Global Analytics, Dell Technologies, shares the significance and influence of disruptive technologies such as AI, Big Data, IoT, Cloud and more on the modern business landscape, and how the company is adapting to this changing environment to drive digital transformation.


Tell us how your company is contributing to the IoT/AI/Big Data Analytics/Cloud Computing industry of the nation? How is it benefiting the clients?

With increasing digital data disruption, companies today are in dire need to innovate and transform utilizing the new technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, etc, to name a few. Firms today are embracing the evolving digital world and continuously innovating to meet customer demands.

At Dell Technologies, we are empowering our customers by modernizing business processes, automating systems, using prescriptive, predictive and diagnostic analytics to simplify core management and automate service delivery. With these new technologies, we ensure a seamless business experience for our team members and our customers. Today, it is imperative for every organization to embrace digital transformation to transform their business and stay relevant in this digital age.


How is IoT/Big Data/AI evolving today in the industry as a whole? What are the most important trends that you see emerging across the globe?

As the internet evolves, the convergence of current Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure with Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence is impactful. The emerging technologies are changing the face of the internet, enabling and developing intelligent systems at all levels by making them smart, connected and affordable.

Globally, these advanced technologies are revolutionizing the way we do business. The competitive landscape is pushing enterprises to examine the market trends, improve efficiency and find appropriate methods to innovate. Dell Technologies’ portfolio, combined with a rich partner ecosystem, deep vertical and domain expertise and a collaborative approach enables the company to provide end-to-end IoT, AI, and Big Data Analytics solutions to the clients.


What are the key trends driving the growth in Big Data analytics/AI/Machine Learning? How is it changing the role of CIOs and Leaders?

Data volume is growing immensely, and companies are transforming digitally to upgrade their business models. This evolution enables organizations to focus on building a strong infrastructure for IT transformation and compete with industry peers.

Businesses today are investing in emerging technologies extensively to accelerate time-to-market for new services and products and to boost customer service. Executives are identifying AI as a disruptive technology and are also investing in cognitive technologies to be able to stay ahead in the current disruptive market. Investment in AI, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, and self-service is increasing massively as organizations are adapting to developing and executing initiatives using such capabilities.

Big Data initiatives are maturing, and enterprises are now combining the agility of big data with AI capabilities scale to accelerate business value delivery. Enterprises need to focus on the quality and nature of the data and assess the outset to gain the best success rate.


How are disruptive technologies like IoT/Big Data analytics/AI/Machine learning/Cloud computing impacting today’s innovation?

Disruptive Technologies today are the number one game-changer for all leading enterprises. These technologies are transforming the way enterprises are working today.

Some of the notable ways Dell Technologies is using Analytics are:

•  Predict hard-drive failure and auto dispatch them to the customer even before it has failed

•  Leverage Text Analytics and Machine Learning algorithms in our Social Media Listening Center to map customer sentiments by monitoring social media posts and aid in delivering prompt remedial technology support to our customers

•  Use advanced analytics to provide dynamic intelligent pricing guidance (real-time) to sales-makers at the Point-of-Sales

•  Created an analytics recommendation engine to provide proactive personalized recommendations to sales-makers to help them sell solutions that our customers need and increase profitability for Dell

•  Helps sales makers in pipeline management and productivity improvement

•  Enhance online-visitor journey experience by ensuring a seamless browsing experience for customers visiting Dell.com. This results in shortened purchase path for our customers aiding better customer experience and conversion for Dell

•  Built a fraud and risk modeling tool to predict fraud credit card transactions


How is your company helping customers deliver relevant business outcomes through the adoption of the company’s technology innovations?

The way enterprises are working today is evolving, to keep up with the new-age technologies. We endeavor to empower our customers to seize opportunities and help with the simplification of core platform management and automated service delivery.

The industry is getting affected by digital disruption and for every enterprise today, it is important to be ready for the digital future. For Dell Technologies, embarking on the Digital Transformation journey is the way to accelerate the digital delivery of modern IT services and deliver a well-planned strategy for the customers.


The industry is seeing a rising importance of business and technology enablers like virtualization, convergence, and cloud. How do you see these emerging technologies impact your business?

The increasing amount of data today is led by the emerging technologies and customers have been reimagining their businesses with the current digitalization and automation wave.

Digital Transformation is representing the future of business houses, which is making them invest in disruptive technologies which in return is impacting markets, trends and customer behaviors. Every enterprise’s business goal depends on the digital expertise of the business, as the era of IT infrastructure convergence is upon us.

Dell Technologies believes that Digital Transformation journey is not only important for achieving business goals but to ensure that our team members are prepared for the change. To keep up with the pace of changing IT scenario, Dell Technologies is re-designing and re-engineering technologies by keeping cloud-native as the core, to drive networks and their architecture.