5 Online Courses that will Help You Master the Heart of Data Science

October 4, 2019

Data Science

Image via Dataquest — Learn Data Science Online.

Data science has become a buzzing topic for new generation learners nowadays. Not only does it enhances your skillset, but it also makes you ready for the upcoming professional life. And the biggest advantage of data science is that with the growing predominance of the digital market, the analysis of the customer data has become a widely popular aspect amongst the companies which sell their products or services on the digital platform. So, what are the basic advantages of data science? Here are a few glimpses:

•  With a data scientist at its disposal, a company can make better decisions. A data scientist can work as an advisor to the people of the management of the company and hence maximize the capability of the staff of the office. Thus the management can facilitate decision-making in a better way.

•  With all the customer data at their disposal, the data scientists can read between the lines which enable the companies to take certain actions for their outreach or sales that make sure that the company starts gaining higher profit.

•  Challenging the staff to take up the most efficient practices for the growth of the company is another important aspect of the data analysts. The analysts make sure that they train the employees in such a way where they can adapt the best practices of the usage of a machine to extract the insights and driven actions.

•  One of the key works of a data analyst is to question the current data analysis method of a company and derive new methods and algorithms to make sure that the company’s working values are always updated. This process needs a constant evaluation of the data of the company.

•  Recruiting the right person as an employee is a tedious job. So the data analyst can chip in with contributions by checking the social media of an applicant and their work profile from the various online recruiting sites. Based on these data, HR can recruit the right person who fits the profile of the company.

There are other important tasks as well which need the expertise of a data analyst such as decision making with quantifiable, data-driven evidence, testing these decisions made by the company and identifying and refining the target audiences on behalf of the company.

This leaves us with the question that what are the basic qualities to apply for a data science course and who are eligible for the application? So, here is an easy table which would be able to guide you through the eligibility for applying in data science:

Educational Qualification
•  Bachelor’s Degree in IT, Computer Science, Mathematics or other related fields.
•  Experience in the field you want to work in, i.e. physics, pharma, healthcare etc. are added advantage

Prerequisite Knowledge
•  Knowledge of Statistics, Maths and Machine Learning
•  Coding in either Python or R
•  Ability to study the database such as division of different data types and the way they are retrieved and stored etc.
•  Knowledge of tools like Hadoop, Spark, and MapReduce etc.

Now once you know what it takes to apply for a data science course, the next big step is where to apply for such a course? In case, you do not want to enrol in an everyday educational institution once more, the best solution to this problem is to enrol in an online course. upGrad is such an institution which offers various data science courses. With the collaboration with MICA and IIIT Bengaluru, it is the right platform for aspiring students to apply for data science courses. There are a number of courses available for data science from upGrad. They are as follows:

1. PG Certification In Data Science (5 months): The shortest data science course that you can opt for is a PG Certification course of 5 months. With an extensive study time of 5 months, you can certify as an alumnus of the IIIT Bengaluru and earn your place in the industry as a Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Product Analyst, Machine Learning Engineer or a Business Analyst.

2. PG Diploma in Data Science (11 months): With its design to work in advantage for the working professional, the PG Diploma Course in Data Science is an 11 month-long program. With 400+ hours of study time and 7+ projects and case studies, the advance course helps an individual to excel his/her skills. The individual also gets the status of an IIIT Bengaluru alumnus. The course is available both online and offline.

3. Master of Science in Data Science (18 months): The course is designed for working professionals such as Engineers, Software and IT Professionals, Marketing and Sales Professionals and Managers. With the extensive learning hours (500+ hours) and 12+ case studies and projects, you will be mastering the techniques data analysing. You will also be learning skills such as Statistics, Predictive Analytics using Python, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Big Data Analytics, etc. Much like the other two courses, you will be listed as an IIIT Bengaluru alumnus at the completion of the course.

4. Business Analytics Certification Program (3 months): It is an online course with 100+ hours of studying designed to help working professionals. By dedicating a few hours for the next three months, you can get certified as a Business Analyst. With 3+ projects and case studies, the learning experience has been made much easier.

5. PG Program in Big Data Engineering (11 months): With 400+ hours of learning and 7+ case studies and projects, the Big Data Engineering courses are ideal for those who have a bachelor’s degree and have at least 6 months experience in the field. In this course, you will come to learn things such as Data Processing, MapReduce, Data Warehousing, Real-time Processing, Big Data Analytics, etc. The course is specially designed for the working professionals and at the completion of the course, you will get certified from BITS Pilani and alumni status of the prestigious institution. The course is ideal for professionals such as IT and Technology Professionals, Project Leads and Managers in IT/Tech Companies, Big Data Professionals and Java Developers and Professionals etc.

All of the courses are affordable for the middle-class working personnel. You also get the opportunity to pay the course fee through affordable EMI options. So, what are you waiting for? Choose one of the courses according to your capacity and kick start your career as a data scientist.