Eight Sleep Pod 3 Review

A comprehensive review of the Eight Sleep Pod 3 and its transformative impact on sleep quality
Eight Sleep Pod 3 Review

Eight Sleep Pod 3 Review: Technology is changing the game when it comes to how we sleep but also the limits of luxury and health in the constant chase for a good night's rest. Among the newest household technologies is Eight Sleep Pod 3, a smart mattress cover that is made to reimagine the sleep experience.

The Pod 3 comes with a number of exciting features including advanced sleep tracking, in addition to temperature changes that are new and improved to take your sleep to the next level. Rising to meet the consumer demand for improved health and sleep wellness, the Eight Sleep Pod 3 touts a unique position in the ever-growing sleep technology market.

In this Eight Sleep Pod 3 review, however, we'll be taking a look at the Pod 3, breaking down all of its features, reading performance and finding out what the value of a better night sleep could really be.

Importance of Quality Sleep and Its Impact on Health and Productivity

Getting a good night sleep is not a luxury - it's an essential part of overall health and performance. Sleep, deemed as such by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, is important for our physical and mental health.

The cognitive, affective and behavioural repercussions of chronic sleep insufficiency are immense and contribute to the different medical epidemics such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity. In a broader perspective, sleep deprivation issue also has an effect on mood, mental health, and physical wellness; thus, it reminds us of the importance of getting sufficient and quality of sleep.

The correlation between sleep and performance is very clear in the productivity world. Bad sleep brings about less productivity, absenteeism, presenteeism in the workplace. On the contrary, enough and good sleep improve the performance, mood, and cognitive functions.

It is within the interests of the employers to make sure that their employees are getting quality sleep as a great workforce is directly proportional to the efficiency of their workers.

Employers who support these programs will see big rewards through enhanced workplace productivity.

In addition to the workplace, community level public health promotion programs are critical to heightening awareness of the importance of sleep and its cascading effects on health and productivity beyond the workplace. Sleep health education should begin early - in school - as a part of the curriculum to promote better sleep from an early age.

Finally, the implications of a societal mandate on sleep are simple and profound: there is an undeniable morality to prioritizing sleep as a part of the recipe for good health and high performance at all levels of life (progress and intervention), written that we can fear sleep and circadian health, against the realm of sleep, just that we can fix sleep from the beginning.

What is Eight Sleep Pod 3 and How It Works

The Eight Sleep Pod 3 is fast becoming a mattress cover of the future by model, which includes advanced technology developed to improve sleep quality and the best performance on the market. This innovative device works by attaching to a water tank and has embedded coils to provide customizable cooling and heating based around what the person wants.

The matress can be manually cooled to as low as 55°F or heated to as high as 110°F with the aid of the Eight Sleep app, enabling users to select the ideal range of temperatures for restful sleep. The Eight Sleep Pod 3 is unique in its autopilot system which adapts bed temperature dynamically for ideal sleep stages.

By using biometric tracking that includes monitoring sleep stages, heart rate, heart rate variability, and respiration rate (obviating the need for any wearable), the Pod 3 offers an all-encompassing sleep experience. The result is an adaptive system that not only improves comfort but also encourages sleep which is healthier by instinctually responding to each sleeper, effectively changing the paradigm for sleep tech.

Key Features Offered by Eight Sleep Pod 3

The Eight Sleep Pod 3 is a sleep tracking mattress designed with innovations to improve restful sleep while also tracking your sleep with insights. Building on the most advanced sleep system Pod 3 model cover has the water circulation technology.

The use of embedded coils moves water around the mattress and affords the user customizable cooling and heating on each side of the bed. Temperature is adjustable within a range of 55° F to 110°F, allowing users to tailor their sleep in real-time via the Eight Sleep app to build their own personalized sleep oasis and get the most comfortable rest.

The Eight Sleep Pod 3 offers some unique features of its own, including a feature called Autopilot that automatically adjusts the bed temperature to your optimal sleep stages throughout the night.

Specifically, Autopilot uses local weather, your stages of sleep, health metrics, and bedroom conditions to replicate your body's natural temperature cycle for effective, high-quality sleep.

With its dynamic adaptation, users are prevented from pain while sleeping, making the quality of sleep and the regularity of sleep more healthy at night.

In addition, the Eight Sleep Pod 3 cover contains tiny sensors that track more than 13 different sleep metrics, such as sleep stages, heart rate, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, and sleep disruptions, all without a wearable device.

All that rich data is cleanly stitched into the Eight Sleep app, revealing a broader snapshot of how well someone is sleeping and resulting in an overall sleep fitness score tied to determinates like quality, consistency, and length of snooze time.

The Pod 3 also includes a thermal alarm which will adjust the bed temperature to slowly wake the user up and a vibrating alarm to make sure you get up gently. The Eight Sleep Pod 3 is a complete game changer when it comes to sleep quality and ultimately better health, with a sleek design, dual-zone heating and cooling for couples and sleep-friendly interface.

Eight Sleep Pod 3 Review

The Eight Sleep Pod 3 Sleep System offers an advanced approach for sleep quality improvement that features a highly connected experience. At its core - the best part about it - is the very precise sleep tracking capabilities which note down all the important aspects of your sleep phase, heart rate, and even helps with respiratory rate. This detailed comprehension allows people to rationalize their own sleep patterns resulting in enhanced overall health.

In addition, the Pod 3's more advanced temperature control features increase the customization of the sleep experience even further. Depending on the model, users can set different temperatures for each side of the bed, and that individual control creates an environment that works best for them.

The highly-precise controls help to maintain consistent comfort as the night goes on, resulting in a better, more restful night of sleep. Moreover, users can rest undisturbed thanks to the device's silent functioning, contributing to an ambient sleep environment.

However, the Eight Sleep Pod 3 does come with some considerations. Its premium price tag of around US$2,300 may pose a barrier for some potential users, limiting its accessibility. Furthermore, occasional water sounds reported by some users could potentially disrupt sleep for those sensitive to noise.

Additionally, the device's height may present compatibility issues with certain bed frames, requiring careful consideration before purchase. Despite these drawbacks, the Pod 3's overall ease of setup and advanced features make it a compelling option for individuals committed to prioritizing their sleep quality and overall well-being.

Eight Sleep Pod 3 vs Other Leading Sleep Technology Products

When comparing the Eight Sleep Pod 3 with other leading sleep technology products like the BedJet 3 and the Ooler Sleep System, several key differences and similarities emerge. In terms of temperature control, both the Eight Sleep Pod 3 and the BedJet 3 offer this feature, but they utilize different systems.

The Eight Sleep Pod 3 employs a water-based (hydronic) system, whereas the BedJet 3 utilizes an air-based system. This variation may influence individual preferences based on factors such as effectiveness and comfort.

Additionally, while both the Eight Sleep Pod 3 and the Ooler Sleep System provide temperature regulation, the temperature range differs between the two. The Eight Sleep Pod 3 offers a wide range of temperatures, spanning from 55°F to 110°F, catering to a diverse range of user preferences.

In contrast, the Ooler Sleep System has a more limited temperature range, potentially impacting its suitability for users who require more extreme temperature adjustments for their sleep environment.

Another crucial aspect to consider is reliability, where the Eight Sleep Pod 3 has received positive feedback compared to the Ooler Sleep System. Reports of reliability issues and noise have been associated with the Ooler Sleep System, potentially influencing user satisfaction and overall experience.

This reliability factor can significantly impact users' trust and confidence in the product's performance over time, highlighting the importance of considering both technical capabilities and user feedback when making a purchasing decision.

In terms of pricing and features, each product offers a unique value proposition. The Eight Sleep Pod 3 stands out for its advanced sleep-tracking capabilities, temperature control, and user-friendly app interface. With a price point starting at $2,145 for the Queen-size cover and an annual subscription starting at $180, it represents a premium investment in sleep technology.

Meanwhile, the BedJet 3 and the Ooler Sleep System provide alternative options with varying features and pricing structures, catering to different preferences and budget considerations. Ultimately, the choice between these leading sleep technology products depends on individual priorities, such as desired features, budget constraints, and reliability concerns.


In the realm of sleep technology, where innovation meets necessity, the Eight Sleep Pod 3 shines as a beacon of promise for those seeking to unlock the secrets of restorative sleep. With its advanced sleep-tracking capabilities, precise temperature control, and user-friendly interface, the Pod 3 offers a holistic solution to the age-old quest for better sleep.

With this Eight Sleep Pod 3 review, we can conclude that, while it may come with a premium price tag and considerations such as occasional water sounds, its overall performance and potential to transform the sleep experience make it a worthy investment for those committed to prioritizing their sleep quality.

As technology continues to evolve and shape the future of sleep, the Eight Sleep Pod 3 stands at the forefront, poised to redefine our understanding of what it means to truly rest and recharge.


Is Eight Sleep Pod 3 noisy?

The Eight Sleep Pod 3 cover emits a quiet hum, especially when first switched on or when it's changing temperature, which is similar to a low fan or a gently hot radiator. While it is generally quiet, occasional water sounds or dripping noises may be noticeable, especially when Pod 3 is actively heating or cooling.

Who uses Eight Sleep Pod 3?

The Eight Sleep Pod 3 is designed for individuals who value advanced sleep tracking and temperature control, particularly those who share a bed and want to optimize their sleep quality. It is suitable for anyone who is serious about their sleep and health tracking, struggles with night sweats, or wants to improve their overall sleep experience.

Can I use Eight Sleep Pod 3 without wifi?

No, the Eight Sleep Pod 3 requires a wireless connection to function, and you cannot control the bed or gather any sleep data without WiFi. This means that you need to have a stable internet connection to use the Pod 3's advanced features, including temperature control and sleep tracking.

Does Eight Sleep Pod 3 use water?

Yes, the Eight Sleep Pod 3 uses water to regulate the bed temperature. It has a water-based system where ultra-thin water pipes across the cover increase or reduce the temperature, providing individualized cooling and heating.

Is the Eight Sleep Pod 3 cover worth it?

Yes, the Eight Sleep Pod 3 cover is worth it for those who value advanced sleep tracking and temperature control. It offers exceptional sleep quality and duration, with accurate tracking of sleep stages, heart rate, and respiration, and its powerful heating and cooling capabilities make it a standout in the market.

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