Apple’s Next AirPods to Launch a USB-C Port for Health Monitoring

Apple’s Next AirPods to Launch a USB-C Port for Health Monitoring

Apple to Introduce USB-C Port on AirPods for Health Tracking Features

According to reports, Apple is developing several upgrades for its well-liked AirPods headphones, focusing on growing its wearables business. According to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, the tech giant intends to add more health sensors to AirPods, including the capability to gauge body temperature via the ear canal.

 AirPods Pro: USB-C and Hearing Test

The next AirPods Pro model, slated to be released in the coming months, is said to use USB-C for its wireless charging case rather than Lightning.

Furthermore, Gurman speculates that Apple may include a hearing test function that plays different tones and noises, allowing AirPods to measure a person's hearing ability.

This tool, similar to the ECG app on the Apple Watch, is intended to aid users in recognizing potential hearing difficulties.

 Apple's Commitment to Health-Related Improvements

According to Gurman, Apple plans to integrate more health sensors in future AirPods, allowing them to assess body temperature via the ear canal.

 Future AirPods Benefits: Hearing Health, Body Temperature, and More

Apple is allegedly prepared to significantly increase the price of AirPods. It is looking at incorporating additional hearing health and body temperature functions, introducing cheaper versions, and transitioning to USB-C charging connectors.

Furthermore, the next AirPods will be compatible with the Vision Pro headset, which will be introduced next year. These capabilities will be in addition to the previously mentioned software enhancements in iOS 17 and the plans for future AirPods Pro and Max versions.

 AirPods and Vision Pro

According to Gurman, AirPods will also play an essential part in the Vision Pro headset. The headgear has built-in speakers but can also be coupled with second-generation AirPods Pro devices using a proprietary pairing algorithm.

This function is handy when users wish to listen to music without bothering others, such as during flights or long car journeys. Combining AirPods with Vision Pro is intended to give a more immersive audio experience.

 New AirPods Features Are on The Way

Apple provided a peek of new AirPods capabilities that will be available alongside iOS 17 at the recent Worldwide Developers Conference.

Long-awaited additions include the ability to mute and unmute calls with a single button push, enhanced device switching when paired with AirPods, and Adaptive Audio, which automatically switches between noise cancellation and transparency modes.

 Price Cut for AirPods

According to Mark Gurman, Apple may consider lowering the price of its entry-level AirPods. The second-generation versions are already regarded as dependable and provide good value at their current price of US$129. Lowering the price to US$99, on the other hand, may make them an even more compelling alternative and an appealing decision for potential purchasers. Such a move can potentially boost the AirPods' market position and turn them into strong competitors. 

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