Apple's AI Leap: Paving Smart Hardware Future

Know about Apple paving smart hardware future by implementing augmented reality in smart products
Apple's AI Leap: Paving Smart Hardware Future

Apple is preparing to launch its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024 on June 10, presenting an opportunity for it to debut its efforts in the artificial intelligence field alongside other major tech companies. Anticipated to concentrate on embedding AI into its existing iPhone, iPad, and MacBook models, Apple's venture into AI could herald a new era of the "hardware-AI-cloud" strategy for its future devices, as per a report from Bloomberg.

The report indicates that the forthcoming AI-enabled capabilities on Apple's iOS, iPadOS, and macOS will significantly enhance the efficiency of the current Apple product range. Moreover, concentrating on AI may allow the Cupertino-based technology behemoth to introduce new devices across various sectors, including home robotics, augmented reality (AR) eyewear, and intelligent AirPods, among others. The document noted that the company is in the process of developing robot helpers that can navigate through users' homes to support them with daily tasks. Furthermore, there have been internal discussions regarding humanoid robots equipped with sophisticated AI components (neural processing units).

Apple could be paving the way for future AI-powered devices. According to the report, the current Apple Vision Pro, which was introduced this past year in the United States, incorporates AI to at least a certain extent for comprehending its surroundings. It is speculated that Apple will use this technology in upcoming AI-driven gadgets like augmented reality goggles and AirPods equipped with cameras. It has been reported that these two items are under consideration for development at Apple.

A pivotal moment could also come with Apple's Artificial Intelligence-enabled Siri, its digital helper. It's anticipated that at WWDC 2024, Apple plans to upgrade Siri with AI to introduce enhanced features like natural language understanding, content creation across different media, and broader connectivity with Apple devices. These new features could enhance Siri's character, potentially paving the way for innovative smart home devices. Among these upcoming projects is a tabletop robot, set to incorporate a display similar to an iPad, capable of mobility and replicating movements of the user's head. This device is expected to be voice-activated and likely to incorporate the sophisticated functionality of Siri.

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