Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Startups in Hyderabad

Leading the AI Revolution: Hyderabad's Top 10 Startup Players
Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Startups in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is widely considered the up-and-coming tech city of India, and it has quickly established itself among the leading players in the AI industry. Many startups require AI to thrive and are riddled throughout the city to disrupt different industries. From treating ‘medical complexities’ to aiding ‘financial services’ and providing ‘education’ to ‘efficient logistics,’ the AI Startups from Hyderabad match the trends and set them.

There are several reasons why there has been an increased establishment of firms specializing in Artificial Intelligence development in Hyderabad. It is well-connected with infrastructurally sound facilities, has access to a number of talented professionals from top universities and institutions, and offers a favorable environment for experimentation and technological advancement. Furthermore, the actions and support of governments and other large players in the industry have also led to a receptive environment for the establishment of startups.

Ten AI companies highlighted in this piece exemplify innovation in their spheres and have experienced remarkable growth in a relatively young field. Not only have these companies shifted the technological landscape, but they have also introduced practical AI applications to solve significant problems. These new entrants are using machine learning, predictive analytics, or intelligent automation to redefine how companies approach their operations and how individuals engage with technology.

The best artificial intelligence companies in Hyderabad help ineffectual and on-time delivery, fulfilling buyer requests. The experts, moreover, ensure that the combination of market patterns remains updated with the competition. Hence, to help you find a firm that meets all your needs, GoodFirms has curated a list of such firms below. Let’s briefly discuss the top 10 artificial intelligence startups.

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Startups

Here is the list of the Artificial Intelligence startups in Hyderabad. Have a glance at them.


Established in 2009, OpenXcell has become a driving force in software improvement. Since then, it has been performing as a powerful force for software enhancement. The company, which comprises more than 500 skilled specialists, is always good at presenting more than 1,000 creative and flexible solutions. OpenXcell offers a wide range of program development services, including web and mobile application development, enabling software solutions, and emerging technologies such as Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

The team of programmers, graphic designers, and project managers, collectively with the clients, discuss their needs and offer unique tools to optimize trade. Thus, relying on innovations, they create simple and easily navigable applications that contribute to overall performance improvement, work optimization, and customer satisfaction.


Hyena is the most trusted software development company with expertise in Mobile App Development, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, RPA, Deep learning, and Big data. They help new companies, SMEs, and expansive organizations unconditionally to quicken their advanced change travel with the best Internet-of-Things (IoT) consulting, procedure, and application improvement services. It is one of the top 10 Artificial Intelligence startups.

Hyena's mission is to enlighten a way for their client’s advanced transformation journey by utilizing brilliantly and smart artificial intelligence and IoT advances. They point to remaining a step forward in innovation and reshaping worldwide businesses over industries with cutting-edge automation arrangements and services.

CodeKindle Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

They started in a 10*12 Sq.ft. Space in 2015. CodeKindle was built with a vision to empower, curate, and improve day-to-day lives with the automatic utilization of innovation. CK continuously looks at troublesome arrangements for issues in any circumstance. CK helps companies around the globe plan, create, test, and deploy. The company has the best technologists to help illuminate real-world issues.

CK has a tremendously fulfilled client base worldwide. Codekindle is an enlisted startup under 'STARTUP INDIA.' CK is presently entering into a product line with its own item in the healthcare industry, not only as a program product but as a coordinated solution. With the chronically upgraded mega brains, no specialized challenge is too extreme.

No project is too complex. They have mind-bending aptitudes in undertaking applications and cross-platform mobile apps. They utilize superpowers for great by conveying your project to spec, on time, and budget.

Bigdatamatica Solutions Private Limited

Bigdatamatica intends to offer the right guidance and innovations to its clients who want to tackle their most exciting and challenging trades. Its multiple areas of focus include AI, deep learning, big data, Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL, cloud, business intelligence, web integration, and development with big data and staffing services. It is based on providing real, measurable commercial value to clients.

Squad targets its energy toward client satisfaction and has a mission of providing dependable solutions that go a notch higher than what clients expect. Bigdatamatica's mission statement is to organize the world's information and convert it into quick data so that they make their clients discover esteem in that.

RWaltz Group Inc.

RWaltz Group Inc. is recognized as one of the foremost suppliers of Blockchain Application Development in the USA and India. Proficient organization is firmly organized to offer continuously attainable results and arrangements for utilization in a variety of businesses experiencing issues in the data and innovation sector.

Established in 2000, RWaltz Group Inc. takes pride in its strong organizational culture. Since then, they have created numerous destinations and applications centered on client objectives and goals and conveyed world-class arrangements worldwide.

Nuacem AI

Nuacem AI is a Conversational AI-powered customer Engagement Platform that can intensify client involvement in Content, Voice, and video channels. By using Intelligent CX innovation arrangements, endeavors can offer worthwhile and characteristic conversational encounters to clients and computerized commerce correspondences.

They can call themselves conversational specialists for creating a responsive client experience in any kind of venture through conversational Artificial Intelligence. They inform their clients with highly specific, detailed information about AI while also generally having experience with client relations, specifically engaging with and supporting clients and creating applications for trade.

Innovius Global Consultants

Founded in 2014, Innovius Overseas Consultants Private Limited has come a long way from its beginnings in India. When the Group first started, his enthusiasm for pardoning the Best Data Innovation Administrations and Products drove them to with Qualified Experts so that Innovius Overseas Consultants Private Limited can offer you the Best Quality Data Products and administrations and Qualified Experts.

They presently serve clients in Seven Continents, 30 nations, and 45 countries worldwide, and they are excited that they are able to turn energy into a claim website.


Opporture is a content aggregate and AI company in Canada that provides organizations with tailored arrangements for content interviews, development, moderation, tagging, and labeling. Skills in natural language processing (NLP) and data mining help prepare AI algorithms to reproduce human behavior. They help create content encounters that are both context-driven and human-like for end users.

Tecnolynx Global PVT LTD

Tecnolynx, as the title proposes, endeavors to be the connection between businesses and cutting-edge innovations. They are traded with commitments to social goals supported by a steady leadership and financial background.

The benefits we earn are reinvested in innovation research, open-source contributions, new enlistments, and framework development. They offer career mobility, competitive salaries, work training support, and the best benefits in the industry.


KloudPortal is a SaaS-based product advancement company with numerous Go-To-Market SaaS products on hand. KloudPortal goal is to offer assistance to small businesses in going online and going advanced. Their product development travel for the past five years has given us an opportunity to serve more than 420 small trade clients throughout the globe.


1. Which AI is best for coding?

It integrates well with AWS services, making it a great tool for cloud-based development projects. If you're looking for the best AI for code, Amazon CodeWhisperer is a top contender due to its seamless integration and efficiency.

2. Which startup is best in Hyderabad?

Top Startup Companies in Hyderabad

●      Darwinbox.

●      Skyroot Aerospace.

●      UrbanKissan.

●      MedPlus.

●      Bhanzu.

●      Dodla Diary.

●      eKincare.

●      Pure EV.

3. When did AI start in IIT Hyderabad?

The Department of Artificial Intelligence (AI) at IIT- Hyderabad was established in 2019 to offer academic programs and mold students with a holistic understanding of the theory and practice of Artificial Intelligence, as well as to create a complete ecosystem for both academic practice and research in Al.

4. How many AI startups are there in India?

As of May 2023, the Indian Generative AI landscape had more than 60 startups dedicated to offering solutions and services to their customers spread across various industry verticals.

5. What is the success rate of AI startups?

30% to 40% of VC-backed startups fail, so they cease operations and provide no value to investors. However, AI startups have a much higher failure rate, with 90% failing to survive within their first year.

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