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Facebook Leverages Machine Learning to fight ISIS and Al-Qaeda Propaganda

Facebook has been increasingly deploying smart analytics to fight off terrorist-related content on its site from the past three quarters and further claims to have proactively found and removed 99% of content under contention. In a release of some insights

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Facebook Suspends Crimson Hexagon for Violating Data Usage Practice

Facebook investigates whether Crimson Hexagon’s government contracts comply with Facebook data policies Facebook has suspended Boston-based analytics firm Crimson Hexagon for violating data usage norm and said that it is investigating it collects and shares Facebook and Instagram’s user data.

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Repercussions of Facebook’s Data-Breach Scandal

Facebook has landed in hot soup over the data breach controversy, which compounded by media and political pressure has made the situation tougher to combat with. The scandal has opened a long withstanding discussion of how companies use their customer’s

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