Ople: Building Artificial Intelligence with the Power of Artificial Intelligence

Ople: Building Artificial Intelligence with the Power of Artificial Intelligence

In a time like this when everyone is discussing how Artificial Intelligence can be employed to improve quality, speed, and functionality, some organizations have already overcome the milestone and are leveraging ingenious models and tools for AI-driven disruptive innovation. Ople is one of those companies which is using AI to build AI so that customer can capitalize better on AI.

Ople is a series A funded, Artificial Intelligence software startup (Ople is not a professional service company). Ople’s easy-to-use AI platform models the behavior, experience, and intuition of elite Data Scientists and delivers production-grade AI models in as little as minutes, already deployed and ready to make predictions. Ople is headquartered in Silicon Valley and is presently available on Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Evolving with Efficiency

It has been repeated over and over in history across literally every single field. New fields always begin with a high level of difficulty and thus a small number of people that excel in it. As these fields evolve and mature, the level of difficulty decreases and the number of proficient individuals naturally increases. This change is inevitable.

“Despite the excitement and buzz around AI, it’s still too difficult, expensive and time-consuming for the majority of businesses to truly take advantage of the transformative power of Machine Learning”, said company’s CEO Pedro Alves. At Ople, the company’s vision is to make Artificial Intelligence easy, cheap and ubiquitous. With Ople, business leaders can now think big, broadly applying Artificial Intelligence across their organization in order to identify new opportunities and establish strategic advantages.


An Experienced Leader

Pedro Alves was learning through the observation of algorithms that, in turn, gain intelligence by processing different models. Pedro realized that Data Scientists would benefit from Artificial Intelligence that could continuously learn from each algorithm. In other words, AI is “learning to learn to learn.” Pedro called this process Optimized Learning. Soon after, he founded Ople.

Data science is Pedro’s passion. He has been doing it and machine learning for well over a decade across a dozen different fields from genomics, medical and insurance to signal processing and computer vision. He has taught, mentored, advised and consulted in data science, as well as interviewed over a hundred data scientists and this has led him to two consistent yet dichotomous observations.


Creating an Attractive Market

With Ople, companies can leverage their Big Data Lakes and other data sources to make predictions and gain insights, without Ph.D. Data Scientists, faster than any other AI software.

Ople uses advanced machine learning to automate and optimize Data Science processes, accelerating the delivery of new, more accurate models from months to minutes. With Ople, business executives will gain first movers’ advantage on new opportunities, team leaders will deliver faster, more accurate results, and Data Scientists will now be able to focus on actual business objectives, not just workflow is a major leap forward in the simplification and automation of the most laborious tasks in data science. This means that more teams, across more industries, will deliver more AI projects in less time.

Unlike brute-force or AutoML approaches, Ople’s learning system develops the intuition and experience to go beyond simply running hyper-parameter optimization and ranking the results. What other products deliver as results, Ople uses as “benchmarks” to teach the system how to quickly deliver the most accurate and easy-to-deploy model possible.


Delivering AI-made Innovation

Technologies such as robotics, drones, IoT and sensor networks have resulted in more data sources that generate more data at a faster rate than ever before in the history of mankind. The challenge with all of this new data is that there is an unlimited number of correlations that can be drawn from all this data being collected from so many different sources of varying quality and in different formats and subjected to different regulations that companies are unable to capitalize on this data in a timely manner. Even today, it can take three to six months for a Data Scientist to produce a “ready for production” AI model that solves a business challenge. Ople’s easy-to-use AI platform enables companies to capitalize on data, now.


Stepping Ahead with Newness

Ople’s easy-to-use AI platform accelerates time to value like no other, enabling businesses to produce production ready AI models in minutes, not months. This means that companies can attack more business challenges and get answers sooner than was ever before possible. This also means that business leaders can make more accurate decisions sooner, and, with absolute confidence.

At Ople, AI is used to build AI. Ople’s software platform is continuously learning from every model built. Thus, each model built is faster, smarter and more accurate than the previous model. The company calls this process “Behavioral Assimilation” or “BASS” for short. The company’s Behavioral Assimilation engine has learned the best practices of some of the world’s leading Data Scientists and modeled those practices, applying them to and learning from every model built. One might think of Ople as a “Virtual Data Scientist” capable of serving an entire organization.

But, companies today still have difficulty deploying AI-driven solutions because they lack the ability to see into the artificial Intelligence models and understand how predictions are being made and decisions are being implemented. Companies that do business in regulated environments must be able to explain to regulators how AI models drive decision-making. Business leaders wishing to take advantage of AI must explain to their executive teams how AI will drive the business forward. Ople is the first to market with “Transparent AI”. The company has opened the “black box” of artificial intelligence so that its customers can fully understand how AI works.


Embracing Recognition

Ople was selected for the Inside Big Data Impact List. Ople has also been selected for the Plug N Play Start-up Accelerator program to work with their Corporate Partner Network. However, the company’s greatest recognition has been the confidence of its investors and customers.


Overcoming Challenging Parameters

The primary challenge the company has faced is the fact that Ople’s technology is still ahead of the market. Other AI companies talk about all of the things that one will be able to do with his/her software (in the future). In contrast, Ople has real-world customers solving real-world challenges as of now. These customers are using Ople’s software to increase revenue this quarter. The company needs to educate the market that Ople has made AI faster and easier and so that customers can capitalize on AI now.

The second challenge is that there are many prospective customers that are not yet ready for AI for a variety of reasons such as not having access to their data or not having access to a Data Scientist. Ople wants these customers to know that these issues are no longer roadblocks to the deployment of AI. The data does not have to be pristine to use Ople. In fact, the company likes it when the data is a little dirty. Even more so, one doesn’t need to be a Ph.D. Data Scientist to use Ople. He/she needs to only understand a few of the key ideas and have access to the dataset.

Finally, the last challenge is actually a bit of a “success disaster.” The company’s customers have experienced some extraordinary results using Ople, reducing the time it takes to build, test and deploy an AI model from months to minutes. They are now using Ople’s AI software to address some of their most important and strategic business challenges. In fact, these business challenges and initiatives are so strategic to the customers that they do not want to publicly disclose the use cases. Ople customers have successfully used the company’s platform to gain a strategic advantage for their company, an advantage that they do not wish to share with their competitors.


Prospective Creation of Growth

In order for a technology to revolutionize the world, it must first become easy, cheap, and ubiquitous. Today, AI is none of these. Ople’s mission is to drive this transformation with what is called Engineered Intelligence™. At Ople, the vision of the future is not one where one need to hire expensive and hard to find Data Scientists. Instead, the company wants to make AI accessible to everyone from the Citizen Data Scientist to the Business Analyst. When the first spreadsheets were created, they were a tool for accountants and finance professionals with graduate degrees and comparable skills sets. Today, spreadsheets are everywhere: business professionals, students and even stay at home parents use and share spreadsheets. At Ople, the team is working to make AI models as easy to use and share as a spreadsheet so that anyone can build and use one.

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