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The analysis is considered an important component of the planning process. We do analysis before we make any decision whatsoever. It’s not like we never think about it. Some amount of analysis goes into everything we do. Similarly big corporate giants need analysis for planning and proper decision making. And when you are talking about millions of data instances, we need this process to be feasible as well. This is where data science comes to rescue.

Data Science as a whole can be seen as important tools and procedures that are used to convert raw data instances into something that is easy to understand and decipher. Why do we want to be easy to understand? Well, the answer is easy. It reduces the time and effort in planning as they can now actually focus on what to do next rather than sitting and pondering over the data trends and behaviour. Data Science teaches us the conversion and processing of data in such a way so that the output clearly depicts the different behaviours and trends that were previously hidden in it. That’s why people who have appropriate experience in this are called data science professionals or data scientists.

A Data Science professional has lots of tasks at his hands. Most importantly, he has to work according to the client’s needs irrespective of what he thinks. They have to start with gathering the required input data sets with the help of mining or other means. These raw data sets that are collected are then analysed and then appropriate tools and procedures are applied to them so as to make them as per the needs. The output is then a more refined and processed form of data that suits the clientele and their requirements.

Data Science courses have really lots of stuff in them. Most of them are actually very important topics which really are needed for mastering data science. There are many theoretical concepts such as that of linear and logistic regression, regression models, statistical inference theories, Data extraction, handling, wrangling et cetera. It includes languages and tools like R and R studio, Hadoop, Spark, PROC SQL et cetera. These tools and languages are very necessary for adequate data handling and management.

These Data courses aim for the perfection of the student in at least this sector alone. They have devised a great curriculum along with a capstone project at the end to judge yourselves of the things you learned. Data science training in Hyderabad has lots of prospects regarding good jobs. There is a scarcity of data science professionals out there and that means you can easily use these certified program courses to actually strike one of such jobs in these big companies. This actually shows that data analytics can actually become easy with the help of data science and also that this can actually be great for a career as well.

So you want to jump-start your career in fields related to data science but do not know where to start. Fear not, you are not alone, and help is available.


We have had a data explosion

A lot of people say that the sexiest job to have in the twenty-first century is to be a data scientist. Why is that?  The reason for this is that companies have been accumulating a lot of data in the last few years. This phenomenon is not only true for big companies, even medium and small size companies have a lot of data. It is so much in volume that some people refer to it as a data explosion. If anything is in a lot of abundance today, it is data.


Data Science Enters

Now you have all this data, but what is it good for? Let us take an example to get a better understanding. Let us take the example of a mobile phone manufacturing company. The company put its first product in the market and it became hugely popular and a big hit. Now, as we all know every technology is popular only for a certain time and then it fades away as something else comes in. So, the company now has to think of something new to put on the market. The problem is that the company does not know what innovation they should undertake that will meet market expectations. The company has already created a market for itself, but now they have to satisfy this market’s hunger for new products. Someone in the company gets an idea of using feedback from the users on what they would like to see in the next upcoming release. This is where data science enters.


How can Data Science help?

You can apply the techniques of data mining and sentiment analysis, among other things to get to the results you desire. This is not the only area data science can help in. It can also help you in making better decisions. You can bring your production costs down by bringing inefficiencies in your processes and you will be in a situation to provide your customers with what they are really looking for. Along with this, there are a large number of other benefits to be reaped by using the techniques of data science. This is the reason why it is recommended that all companies, big or small, should have data science teams. All these pressures for companies to collect and take advantage of this data has led to data science becoming a subject today.

If Data excites you, and statistics is something you are comfortable with, then working in the data science area may be just right for you.



If your heart is set on becoming a data scientist then start training your brain for it by joining a good data science course that champions the cause of students and takes pride in making them the best data scientists out there. You can really shape your career and reach your goals. If you actually want it to happen then do select the best data science course in Hyderabad.



I am Bharani Kumar Depuru, an eminent Digital Transformation Specialist with over 15+ years of professional experience in Emerging Technologies consulting. I am an alumnus of IIT & ISB and serve on the board of multiple companies in devising their strategies.

An alumnus of ISB and IIT with 15+ years of experience working in various capacities with companies including HSBC, ITC Infotech, Infosys, Deloitte. Performing consulting for various companies on Industrial Revolution 4.0 implementation, Data Analytics practice setup, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Industrial IoT, Business Intelligence, Business Management Consulting, etc., are a few of the prime activities performed. Worked across various lines of business including IT, Quality Management, Project Management, IT Service Management, etc.

Notable Clients for whom Data Science, Machine Learning and AI implementations are performed includes Coca Cola, Tata Trusts, Trujet, Yatra, Korean Airlines, etc.

Director of 360DigiTMG Headquartered in India, 360DigiTMG provides professional management and emerging technologies training across the globe. With international accreditations from world-renowned certification bodies, 360DigiTMG is at the forefront of delivering quality education, thereby bridging the gap between academia and industry. For details please refer to our website.

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