Top 5 Cybersecurity Vulnerability Management Companies

Top 5 Cybersecurity Vulnerability Management Companies

The top 5 cybersecurity vulnerability management companies to combat the cyber risks

The world's increasing reliance on technology has led to several cyber risks. In today's digital environment, cyber threats are a major and pervasive danger, and their ability to cause harm is increasing.

According to Rajeev Chandrasekhar, minister of Electronics and information technology, there were 13.91 million cybersecurity incidents in India in 2022. A senior Google executive said there were 18 million cyberattacks per day last August. All eyes are on how successfully government agencies can fend off such attacks, as most predictions indicate that India will face more cybersecurity challenges this year.

These top 5 cybersecurity vulnerability management companies can help in this situation.


The leading provider of cloud solutions for compliance and information security. By outsourcing the management of their IT systems and applications to an information security expert, Qualys Cloud Platform, built on the leading cloud-based cybersecurity platform, helps organizations save money. Customers can improve their security posture by accessing top threat intelligence, which includes public threats, malware samples, phishing emails, and more, through the Qualys Cloud Platform.

2.TAC Security

TAC Security is a leading international provider of cybersecurity solutions with a specialization in vulnerability management that helps protect digital assets and defend against online attacks for businesses. The company's flagship product, ESOF (Organization Security in One Framework), a complete cybersecurity platform that provides end-to-end security solutions for the entire enterprise, is its key differentiator.

The Cyber Risk Quantification (CRQ) tool, which TAC Security released to complement the ESOF platform, converts cyber risks and vulnerabilities into monetary values that are easy for non-technical executives to understand. The ESOF CRQ feature uses an industry-standard algorithm to estimate cyber risk and provides an enterprise-wide financial picture of risk. TAC Security operates in more than 20 countries, giving it a global presence. This enables the company to provide cybersecurity solutions to companies of all sizes and industries, regardless of where they are located.


Kenna Security focuses on real-time threat intelligence and prioritization so teams can focus on mitigating the biggest risks to your business, and is a leading provider of risk-based vulnerability management software. Kenna Security says it uses data science and machine learning platforms to classify vulnerabilities based on risk and reduce the typical time it takes to patch vulnerabilities. Kenna Security customers include Fannie Mae, TransUnion, Lear Corporation, Dow Jones Inc, Hanes Brands, and FICO.


Tenable One is a fully integrated, cloud-based platform that approaches cybersecurity vulnerability management from an analytical perspective. It puts Tenable's full suite of products in context to help you make smarter decisions based on cyber risk, including vulnerability management, cloud security, identity security, external attack surface management, and more.

5.Safe Security

Many Fortune 500 organizations and governments around the world use Safe Security (formerly Lucideus) systems and services to assess cyber risk. SAFE stands for Security Assessment Framework for Enterprise. A dynamic and self-evolving enterprise cybersecurity and risk management platform that integrates with your current IT infrastructure and security tools deployed in your organization, it can perform real-time assessments and provide leadership teams with a single number (between 0 and 5) at both the macro (enterprise-wide) and micro (asset-specific) levels so they can visualize, track and improve their cyber risk posture.

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