Best ICO Marketing Agencies in 2022

Best ICO Marketing Agencies in 2022

With the crypto world evolving and many new projects launching, it is hard to become noticeable on the market.

It is not enough to solely launch a new project and expect it to generate results and become successful without investments in marketing.

And while you can take your marketing strategies in-house and have your own team of marketing experts, you can also hire a  marketing agency that would do all marketing-related jobs instead of you and your team.

There are many benefits of hiring an ICO marketing agency for your project, and in this article, we will explain some of these and name the top 5 ICO marketing agencies you can hire for your next project.

Best Ico Marketing Agencies – Compared

These 5 ICO marketing agencies will be a good option if you are planning ICO projects in the future:

  • CryptoPR – the best ICO marketing agency
  • FinancePR – marketing agency suitable for tech startups
  • TechPR – the best ICO marketing agency for credibility
  • AmaZix – ICO marketing agency best for targeted advertising
  • Blockchain App Factory – marketing agency with a vast array of services

Best ICO Marketing Agencies Reviewed

Many marketing agencies on the market work with clients from the blockchain and crypto industry, and it can be extremely overwhelming to find the perfect agency for you.

To save you time, we prepared an overview of 5 of the best ICO marketing agencies in 2022. We focused on their services, niches, and what makes them different from other agencies on the market. 

CryptoPR is the best Ico Marketing Agency in 2022

CryptoPR is the most famous ICO Marketing Agency that has worked on many renowned ICO projects since its foundation two years ago.

Some of their clients include eToro,, and Binance, and the agency worked on the launch of the most popular NFT project of 2022 – Lucky Block's Platinum Rollers Club. The launch of this NFT became the fastest to reach a 1b market cap, and this NFT raised around 5 million in just two weeks.

Their other clients include P2E game Silks and interest platform Aqru.

They have resulted in the area of placement for key NFT and crypto keywords, and they also have more than 100 publications that can drive traffic volume for clients. Some of them are,,, and The Economic Times. 

This Ico marketing agency offers the following services:

  • Press releases for new projects. The agency can publish the release on 100 of the most important crypto and finance sites.
  • NFT Promotion and shilling – This service includes celebrity endorsement too.
  • Banner Ad campaigns – For their clients, CryptoPR is preparing various banners in terms of design and size.
  • Advertorials and Features – CryptoPR can get your project on all-important comparison and review sites
  • Comparison listings & reviews – You can purchase sponsored table listings from their network
  • International campaigns to get exposure to your project abroad

FinancePR is a famous ICO marketing agency for blockchain startups.

Founded in 2021 by a team of people with extensive experience in the financial marketing industry, FinancePR focuses on financial and fintech marketing services. 

Some of their previous clients include eToro, Revolut, Binance, and, and their services are now available in the UK, USA, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Scandinavia, and more.

Their articles and case studies were published in Financial Times, Business Insider, Nasdaq, ETFTrends, Yahoo Finance, and more. Most of their clients are in the Blockchain, Fintech, Neobanks, Stock apps, Robo advisors, ETF providers, and Wealth management industry.

Their services include:

  • Financial PRs that can get your PR announcements published on 100 financial sites
  • Advertorials & Features – to help you get listed on the biggest personal finance comparison sites.
  • Banner Ad campaigns – For their clients, FinancePR creates and publishes engaging banners
  • CoFounder Interviews – this can help raise publicity for the project
  • Performance Marketing – includes table listings on their partner networks
  • An international outreach to help your business get abroad.

TechPRServices is the best ICO marketing agency if you want credibility

TechPRis a digital marketing agency based in London, that focuses on SMM and community management services.

The agency focuses on sustainable and measurable growth in crypto Fintech,tech, and blockchain niches

Everyone interested in working with TechPR can book a free call with the agency's team to discuss the project and potential solutions. On their website, TechPR states that they are dedicated to raising a brand through multi-channel marketing, branding, and brand awareness.

Services of TechPR include:

  • SEO
  • Organic and Paid Social media marketing
  • Paid media
  • Email marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • PR
  • Video production
  • Branding

AmaZix is the best ICO marketing agency for targeted advertising

Except for being a digital marketing agency, AmaZix is also an advisory company that focuses on the crypto market, mostly ICO, Defi, and NFT.

The company partners with other blockchain businesses to ensure a wide array of available services. Some of their partner companies include Bancor, Bitcoin Suisse, and Certik. 

When it comes to the service, AmaZix offers the following:

  • Community management
  • Marketing, Branding, and PR
  • Legal advisory
  • Human capital

They offer pre-ICO advisory strategies, campaign management, and post-ICO advisory. For their clients, they also perform crowdfunding campaigns and bounty campaign management. 

Currently, the agency has more than 530 campaigns and clients in its portfolio, 1550+ blockchain professional researchers, and potential influencer research of 291 million.

AmaZix also offers free strategy calls with the team, and they promise there is no pressure to continue with the collaboration if things don't click.

Blockchain App Factory is the best ICO marketing agency with vast services and resources.

Not only Blockchain App Factory offers marketing services for the blockchain niche, but it also does ICO development, IDO development, and STO services.

For example, Blockchain App Factory can develop an ICO project within two weeks, taking it from the planning and design stage to launch.

When it comes to their marketing services, Blockchain App Factory offers the following:

  • Market Research
  • Pay per Click
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • ICO Press Release
  • Email marketing
  • Community marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • SEO
  • Video marketing

Some agency clients are CoinGecko, BitcoinNews, Coinspectator, Hackernoon, BitcoinTalk, CriptoNoticias, and many more. Their packages are pricey, but you can schedule the call with their team to see if you would be a good fit.

Why do you need an ICO marketing agency?

Before you start working with the ICO marketing agency, you need to understand the benefits of outsourcing your marketing activities to a third side.

Here are a couple of reasons you should hire an ICO marketing agency when promoting your ICO project.

Marketing agencies save time.

When you decide to hire a marketing agency to handle the marketing side of your project, you will free up time for yourself and your team to focus on other aspects of the business. Also, these agencies step in whenever needed, so if your team starts working on the marketing agency without success, you can always hire an agency to jump in and help.

You get expertise and results.

Letting professionals handle marketing strategy can be highly beneficial for the results of your project. You and your team will get insights into the field, and employees in the agency will point out areas that need improvement, what is working, and what should be changed.

Idea Generation

Ideas are crucial for every business, and by hiring marketing professionals, your team can receive suggestions and ideas they don't know, but that is beneficial for the project.

Partnering with marketing agencies is cost-effective.

ICO marketing agencies have a team of people with extensive knowledge of the niche who can generate results for you smoothly. Additionally, you will be paying a monthly fee to an agency and save money that you would otherwise use to pay for the in-house marketing team (their salaries, training, and additional costs).

You get a crypto-tailored marketing strategy.

People working in the ICO marketing agencies have extensive knowledge about the crypto world, and they know what, when, and where they should employ to generate results. Creating a targeted strategy will smoothly generate results for your project and make it convertible.


The 5 above-mentioned ICO marketing agencies are a good choice if you need advertising for your next project. With portfolios full of successful projects and famous clients, these marketing agencies will create an effective strategy that will generate results for your project.

If you are still doubting, choose CryptoPR or FinancePR because these two ICO marketing agencies have a proven record of successful projects and collaborations. Some of their clients are among the leading companies in the crypto and blockchain world, and one of the reasons is their vast array of available services.

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