The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Web Development Process

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Web Development Process

By using AI, the websites improve user experience with chatbots, web design, marketing strategy, etc.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a promising field in recent years. Despite the disruption 2020 has delivered, the opportunities around AI show no sign of losing their momentum. AI is no more science fiction and is already being adopted by public and private organizations globally.

People are far away from the mythical thought that AI robots are coming for humans. The fact is, as a society, humankind is relying more on artificial intelligence with its growth. AI is a step closer towards creating and inventing more technological discoveries by implementing the logic and intelligence of humans. AI algorithms and deep machine learning mechanism are looking for ways to make day to day activities comfortable. The innovation and advancements in the field of technology have brought this complicated but sophisticated new source called sci-fi tech into reality. AI has invaded almost every field like blockchain, healthcare, education, banking, etc. The most impressive way AI is proving its proactiveness in recent years is through web development.

Artificial Intelligence is modifying Web Development

Back in 1993, the introduction of Mosaic graphical web browser touched off a revolution in the way the public experiences the content of the website. Since then, web developers across the globe have worked continuously to establish and refine what solid user experience means online.

In this digital era, web development is growing at an unprecedented rate. People prefer to go for secure, scalable and feature-packed web applications. The desire of users for enhanced experience along with customized content is ever-spiking. Artificial intelligence can fulfill all the needs. AI can transform web development by automating the tasks that are related to the developers.

Around 38% of people leave a website if the content or layout is unattractive. More than 75% of customers decide a business's credibility based on its website design. Users take just 0.5 seconds to form an opinion about a website. A websites design matters more to visitors than we think. Henceforth, it is essential for technology to involve in the world of web development. By using AI, these industries improve user experience with chatbots, web design, marketing strategy, etc.

Web development is widely seen as a place where hyper-customized user experience is necessary. Web development companies are seeking help from AI as they face challenges in terms of user expectations and traditional methods of website designing and development. Instead of pressuring web developers to work extensively and fulfill customer expectations, it is a fair job to automate the process using AI. Incorporating artificial intelligence is the best way to transform traditional web development approaches to a revolutionary web development field.

By implying AI to develop a site, the system decides color, theme and style by itself. AI builds a site, which arranges and designs in accordance with user experience needs. Here is a list of AI-enabled features that are seen commonly in good sites.

• User experience- The most pivotal role in site development is user experience. A site should be user-friendly, that the person visiting it should find relevant products or content within seconds of entering the web. Many customer-centric web applications are starting to rely on AI in order to improve enhance the customer experience.

• Personalised content- AI analyzes dataand generates the idea to eliminate the web architectures irregularities. AI can also suggest new videos, music, and other relevant content for users based on their past behaviors.

• Virtual assistant and voice search optimization- Virtual assistantsare simplifying web development works related to layouts, templates designing, and creating personalized content. Some websites provide AI-chatbot feature that takes care of customer queries.

Even though when AI is designed to do extensive jobs that even humans can't contemplate, it is more unlikely that the technology could function on its own. AI needs human intervention to have a check now and then. However, the same can't be anticipated for the future. AI is not taking away web developers job for now as it needs their interference to check if things are going fine. It might turn upside down soon.

The Future Ahead

Artificial Intelligence is a never-ending sector. The growth will double, triple and get ten-fold in a very short time. As technology spreads, experts envision AI to do more than just web designing at a small scale. AI is already doing tedious tasks in web designing to make websites from scratch. It is predicted to expand further in future.

• AI, with its cognitive abilities, will create designs and themes.

• Internet of Things(IoT) can help in building attractive and eye-catching graphics for the website.

• AI's smart algorithm will understand the need of users and what it should do in that context by taking the help of cognitive capabilities and user preference.

• Machine learning will be useful in picking up the difference in design inconsistencies, helpful in fixing them.

• AI can detect and frame every pixel in an image.

With more modern technologies being unravelled every day, the expectation for a customized web future is lying ahead. AI's support in web development will yield customers websites capable of adopting and perfecting themselves with user-by-user requirements.

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