Master AI with NVIDIA's Free Courses for All Levels

Free AI courses offered by NVIDIA
Master AI with NVIDIA's Free Courses for All Levels

The technological landscape has been rapidly changing. Nvidia is at the forefront of artificial intelligence. Nvidia is a tech company known for creating and distributing graphics chips, software solutions, data science interfaces, and custom-built chips for smartphones and cars. Today, there are various free AI courses offered by NVIDIA to upskill individuals about artificial intelligence:

Scaling GPU-Accelerated Applications with the C++ Standard Library

Basic language parallelism stands as the easiest, most efficient, and most adaptable method for fast computing. In this engaging workshop, designed as a continuation of GPU Acceleration with the C++ Standard Library, we demonstrate the process of constructing scalable applications that utilize both CPU and GPU capabilities, all through the use of C++ standard language capabilities in conjunction with MPI.

Upon finishing this workshop, you will have the capability to: -

● Transform C++ / MPI mixed applications into ones that utilize C++ standard template library parallel algorithms, which can make use of GPU accelerators.

● Leverage the C++ standard library capabilities to facilitate efficient communication between ranks, in conjunction with the application of C++ STL parallel algorithms.

● Employ the NVIDIA HPC C++ compiler (NVC++) for the compilation of conventional C++ / MPI hybrid programs, designed for execution on NVIDIA GPUs and across multiple nodes equipped with GPUs.

Generative AI Explained

Generative AI refers to the technologies designed to create new content from a range of sources. This course does not involve coding that provide principles of Generative AI and uses. The candidate will get to know the challenges and prospects of Generative AI. After finishing this course, you will gain a fundamental grasp of Generative AI and be equipped to utilize the various tools developed on this technology more efficiently.

Getting Started with AI on Jetson Nano

This user-friendly, robust machine enables you to operate several neural networks simultaneously for tasks such as identifying images, locating objects, dividing images into sections, and processing speech. Throughout this course, you'll independently utilize Jupyter iPython notebooks with your own Jetson Nano to develop a sophisticated Deep Learning project focused on computer vision models.

Building Video AI Applications at the Edge on Jetson Nano

The NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit offers a user-friendly, high-performance device that enables the execution of several neural networks simultaneously. Throughout this program, participants will utilize JupyterLab notebooks and Python application examples on their Jetson Nano to develop new projects that extract valuable information from video streams through deep learning video analytics.

Data Science Workflows with Zero Code Changes

Without the requirement of any coding, NVIDIA RAPIDS offers an interface that enable GPU for various data science activities. With RAPIDS, learners will enhance their skills in data science.

By taking part in this workshop, an individual will learn:

● Grasp the advantages of a consistent workflow on CPUs and GPUs for data science activities.

● Learn different methodologies to fasten your AI, ML and data processing tasks related to data science without any coding.

By offering free, self-directed online classes, NVIDIA is making AI learning more accessible and inclusive, allowing anyone interested in AI to gain expertise.

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