RoadMap TrailBlazer™: Next-Gen Cloud-Based Deep Learning Software

RoadMap TrailBlazer™: Next-Gen Cloud-Based Deep Learning Software

Check out the details of RoadMap TrailBlazer: Next-gen cloud based deep learning software

RoadMap’s state-of-the-art forecasting platform enables businesses to quickly deploy 40+ sophisticated forecasting models to forecast critical business segments.

RoadMap Technologies, a leader in Life Sciences Data Science and Software Solutions, today launched its new, state-of-the-art Cloud Based Deep Learning Software, RoadMap TrailBlazer™. TrailBlazer™ Software is now available on RoadMap’s analytical portal, RoadMap’s new software platform is designed with usability, performance, and forecast accuracy in mind to help your business decision-maker forecast critical business lines.

RoadMap TrailBlazer enables healthcare organizations to create predictive models for KPIs, including new patient acquisition, total patient on therapy, patient compliance, and treatment adherence. RoadMap will present the findings of the AI research that drove RoadMap TrailBlazer today at the annual meeting of the Pharmaceutical Management Science Association in Denver, CO.

The Deep Learning capability within the Deep Learning Software platform will provide comprehensive insights using deep learning models that are trained on more than 47,000 different datasets. The transfer learning models in our forecasting system are 15% better than standard forecasting models in terms of RMSE. Accurate forecasts allow pharmaceutical companies to keep inventory levels low while minimizing product expiration and product return costs. Transfer learning models can also provide reasonable forecasts when target data is limited, allowing companies to make better predictions on newly launched products,” said RoadMap Technologies Technical Consultant Juliana Juchen Han.

The RoadMap TrailBlazer brings together the expertise that RoadMap has built for 30 years with the cutting-edge AI forecasting models of today. It provides users with a central forecast repository where they can export data and graphs and easily share forecasts. “RoadMap is revolutionizing predictive analytics by giving the typical Excel user the skills of an advanced data scientist,” said Dom Pizzano (Director of Technology) at RoadMap Technologies. “With RoadMap, users can use statistical, machine learning and deep learning to analyze their business, while keeping data secure, either locally or in the Cloud.”

RoadMap Technologies will offer a US$100 monthly subscription on an annual subscription basis for the base statistical Roadmap Trailblazer version and a US$625 monthly subscription for the deep learning version through June 30, 2024.

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