Nvidia to Release New AI Chips Annually

Nvidia to release new AI chips after generating a profit of US$14 billion
Nvidia to Release New AI Chips Annually

Nvidia, a leading chip manufacturer in the US, is expected to release new AI chips annually.

According to Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang, Nvidia, instead of producing AI chips once every two years, it will now produce new AI chips annually as said by Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang.

Nvidia generated more than US$14 billion in revenue in the first quarter, and its net income reached US$14.88 billion in the quarter ending April 28.

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang mentioned recently that they are developing a new AI chip and operating on a "one-year rhythm."

Nvidia has been rolling out new AI chip platforms every couple of years, starting with Ampere in 2020, then Hooper in 2022, and finally, Blackwell in 2024. Nvidia's H-series chips, which are used to train AI models and for other AI applications, are built on the company's Hooper architecture. The H-series AI chips are currently being used by a number of large technology companies, including Microsoft, Google and Meta, as well as Amazon and others, to train large language models (LLM) and to implement AI-powered services in their platforms.

According to Huang, AI will improve productivity across almost every industry and help businesses become more cost-effective and energy-efficient while increasing revenue opportunities as Nvidia Releases New AI Chips annually.

Nvidia to release new AI chips annually as it announced the B-series chips in March that are based on the Blackwell platform, but the chips are currently not ready for deployment. Nvidia says that Blackwell products will be made available from partners later in the year.

As Nvidia releases new AI chips annually, Huang added, Companies and countries are partnering with Nvidia to shift the trillion-dollar traditional data centres to accelerated computing and build a new type of data centres -- AI factories -- to produce a new commodity: artificial intelligence.”

As Nvidia to Release New AI Chips, Huang also said, “New CPUs, new GPUs, new networking NICs, new switches... a mountain of chips are coming.”

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo posted on a social media platform, Medium, that Nvidia's next-generation AI chip will be known as R100. R100 will run on TSMC’s N3 process for 3nm architecture, while the recent Blackwell chips use TSMC’s N4P process for 5nm design. He also said that the R100 AI chips are expected to start mass production in Q4 2025 as Nvidia to release new AI chips annually.

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