Top Artificial Intelligence Salaries in India in November 2019

by November 16, 2019

Artificial intelligence continues to evolve, altering the way organizations operate and individuals interact with a business. While this game-changing technology is increasing its dominance in today’s world, it is now in high demand as businesses hunt for a competitive edge.

Considering reports, demand for AI positions and skills has more than doubled over the past three years. And in India, it is gaining a rapid pace as several big techies are choosing the country for their business growth.

Let’s have a look at the top AI job titles with the highest pay in India in November 2019.


Machine Learning Engineer

A Machine Learning Engineer is a computer programmer, but their focus goes beyond specifically programming machines to work specific tasks. They create programs that will enable machines to take actions without being specifically directed to perform those tasks.

The average salary of a Machine Learning Engineer in India is ₹8,01,201 and it ranges from ₹3,64,000 – ₹15,28,000, according to Glassdoor.


Machine Learning Scientist

A Machine Learning Scientist is someone who researches new approaches or even completely new algorithms. As a machine learning engineer delivers robust software solutions, the machine learning scientist delivers reports and whitepapers. These roles are often found in industrial research labs.

The national average salary of a Machine Learning Scientist is ₹42,16,786 in India.


Computer Vision Engineer

A Computer Vision Engineer often applies computer vision research based on a large amount of data to solve real-world problems. He/she spends much of their time researching and implementing machine learning primitives and computer vision for their clients. Computer vision engineers work closely with other personnel to facilitate the execution of fresh embedded architectures.

The national average salary of a Computer Vision Engineer is ₹2,41,008 and it ranges from ₹96,000 – 7,68,000.


AI Software Engineer 

An AI Software Engineer is a person who assists in developing the ways that software functions created by a software design team will work. The AI Software Engineer works with designers to help combine distinct program functions into a unified whole.

The national average salary of an AI software engineer is ₹5,44,961 and it ranges from ₹3,24,000 – ₹9,79,000.


Solution Architect 

A Solution Architect is responsible for creating, designing, and implementing systems within a business. He/she assists to develop new systems needed by the company and they must be able to recognize the business’ current problems and future technological goals.

The average salary of a Solutions Architect in India is ₹17,29,520 and it ranges from ₹10,00,000 – ₹20,00,000.


Algorithm Developer

Algorithm Developers are accountable for creating cost-effective scalable systems and developing innovative algorithm solutions. They need to experiment with innovative ideas and work in a creative environment. They analyze, maintain and upgrade new and old systems as well as develop an algorithm system that records all operations and can be maintained by the team.

The average salary of an Algorithm Developer in India is ₹9,86,439 and it ranges from 1,94,000 – 24,06,000.