Top 10 Big Data Startups in the United States to Watch In 2020

by July 3, 2020

Big data Startups


How Important is Big Data for a seamless Digital Experience?


Data is growing by leaps and bounds, the convergence of extremely large data sets both structured and unstructured define Big Data. The increasing awareness of the Internet of Things (IoT) devices among organizations and volume, variety, velocity and veracity at which data is generated have caught the attention of the enterprise in a bid to enhance digital technologies and guide digital transformation.

Analytics Insights eliminates that the big data market size will grow at a CAGR of 10.9%, globally from US$ 193.5 billion in 2020 to US$ 301.5 billion by 2023. North America will witness a sharp increase of CAGR 12.5% growing from US$ 117.0 billion in 2020 to US$ 192.0 billion by 2023 during the forecast period. This region is witnessing significant developments in the big data market gaining remarkable traction in the BFSI industry vertical. Here is an exclusive listing of the Top 10 Big Data Start-ups in the United States to watch in 2020, curated by Analytics Insight-


1. Numerai

• Industries– Blockchain, Financial Services, Machine Learning

• Headquarters– San Francisco Bay Area

• Founded On – 2015

• Founder– Richard Craib

• Total Funding Amount– US$21.5M

Numerai is the world’s first hedge fund, to predict the stock market. Numerai transforms and regularizes financial data into machine learning using its cryptocurrency to incentivize tens of thousands of anonymous data scientists around the world to collaborate to create the best predictive models.


2. Instreamatic

• Industries- Artificial Intelligence, Digital Marketing, Machine Learning, Speech Recognition

• Headquarters- San Francisco Bay Area

• Founded On- 2015

• Founder- Michael Ilyichev, Mikhail Paulkin, Simon Dunlop, Stas Tushinskiy, Victor Frumkin

• Total Funding Amount- US$2.2M

Instreamatic is AI-powered Voice Dialogue Marketing platform designed to power interactive, dialog-based advertisements on mobile platforms. It offers an all-in-one solution, providing advertisers and audio publishers with the tools to measure, monetize and manage ad inventory with highly engaging dialog ads.


3. Alluxio

• Industries- Open Source, Software

• Headquarters- San Francisco Bay Area

• Founded On- 2015

• Founder- Amelia Wong, Haoyuan Li

• Total Funding Amount- US$23M

Alluxio, Inc. (formerly Tachyon Nexus) brings together creators and top committers of Alluxio (formerly Tachyon), an open source project from UC Berkeley AMPLab. The start-up works to revolutionize the way data is stored, accessed, and managed by focusing on a memory-centric architecture.


4. Samsara

• Industries- Electronics, Internet of Things, SaaS, Sensor, Software

• Headquarters- San Francisco Bay Area

• Founded On- 2015

• Founder- John Bicket, Sanjit Biswas

• Total Funding Amount- US$930M

Samsara is an IoT platform combining software, hardware, and cloud to bring analytics, AI and real-time visibility, to operations. Samsara serves over 15,000 customers across diverse sizes and industries, from transportation and logistics to energy, local governments, manufacturing and construction. Its growing suite of solutions includes mobile workflow and compliance, asset tracking, vehicle telematics, driver safety, industrial process controls in an integrated, open, real-time platform.


5. Tonkean 

• Industries- Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Software

• Headquarters- San Francisco Bay Area

• Founded On- 2015

• Founder- Offir Talmor, Sagi Eliyahu

• Total Funding Amount- US$33.2M

Tonkean uses AI to autonomously coordinate, execute and manage business workflows, across data and people. The company’s platform automatically connects to the interfaces users already use such as forms, email, chat based on the needs and preferences of each individual, helping operations teams to quickly create adaptive modules to solve their unique challenges.


6. Frame AI

• Industries– Customer Service, Enterprise Software, Natural Language Processing

• Headquarters– Greater New York Area

• Founded On– 2016

• Founder– Brandon Reiss, George Davis, John Gu

• Total Funding Amount– US$10.3M

Frame AI is an early warning and continuous monitoring system that operationalizes Voice-of-Customer. Frame AI identifies emerging themes driving customer relationships and operational costs, and makes them immediately actionable by consolidating and enriching data across helpdesks, call centre, CRM, and other channels.


7. ModelOp

• Industries- Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Software, IT Infrastructure, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Software

• Headquarters- Greater Chicago Area

• Founded On- 2016

• Founder- Pete Foley, Robert Grossman, Stu Bailey

• Total Funding Amount- US$6.0M

ModelOp is a developer of an analytic deployment technology designed to simplify production with analytics and predictive model applications. The company’s technology deploys complex analytic and predictive models into production in any language thereby decreasing time to the first deployment from months to days, enabling enterprises to drive transformational value from their Machine Learning and AI investments.



• Industries– Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, SaaS

• Headquarters– Greater New York Area

• Founded On– 2017

• Founder– Gideon Mendels, Nimrod Lahav

• Total Funding Amount– US$6.8M

Comet allows data scientists to automatically track their datasets, code changes, experimentation history, and production models creating transparency, reproducibility and efficiency. optimizes models with Bayesian hyperparameter optimization algorithm which saves time typically spent on manual tuning ML models.


9. OctoML

• Industries- Artificial Intelligence, Computer, Machine Learning, Software

• Headquarters- Greater Seattle Area

• Founded On- 2019

• Founder- Jason Knight

• Total Funding Amount- US$18.9M

OctoML changes the status quo how developers optimize and deploy machine learning models for their AI needs. It offers managed service for companies looking to securely deploy in multi-cloud and edge environments to ensure that the models stay up and running at peak efficiency.


10.  PostEra

• Industries- Biotechnology, Machine Learning, Pharmaceutical, Therapeutics

• Headquarters- San Francisco Bay Area

• Founded On- 2019

• Founder- Aaron Morris, Alpha Lee, Matt Robinson

• Total Funding Amount- US$2.5M

PostEra uses machine learning to close the design-make-test loop of drug discovery and reduce its clients’ cycle times. PostEra is currently leading an international team of scientists to find a COVID-19 antiviral via on open science initiative.