The Brilliance of NLP Streamlines Daily Life of Tech-Accustomed People

by July 12, 2019


Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a subset of artificial intelligence which is programmed to understand and analyze spoken or written languages. From translation to business employments, NLP has a wide range of utilization across various industries.

For Example: The curse of cancer is among the most common causes of death globally. In 2018, the global death rate estimated due to cancer was 9.6 million. Even during treatment, the potential complications of the disease makes things worse for the patient. At the time of treatment, most of the patients seek information about possible side effects including hair loss, skin rashes, etc through online platform or portals. This makes doctors wonder if, amidst technology advancements, they can utilize data on such networks for rapid discovery of drug reactions, mostly adverse.

Dr. Bernice Kwong, a Dermatologic oncologist at Stanford Health Care designed a study with six other co-authors which used the tech-tool that pointed out a cognitive relationship from patient’s online recommendations using NLP technology. The tool used by Dr. Kwong is named as DeepHealthMiner which analyzed a heap of posts from Inspire Health forum and extracted promising outcomes.

Not only in healthcare but the technology has spread its wings in various genres. Here is sneak peek to the interesting applications of NLP how various platforms and companies are leveraging it in the real word.


Organizing Patient Information

98point6 is an organization pioneering a new approach to primary healthcare, using NLP. Under this approach, patients take an annual subscription and are linked to primary care doctors through app service. There, they can have one-on-one texting conversation about their disease, symptoms, and treatments. Users provide with their health history and condition to automated assistant even before meeting the physician. An automated assistant is an NLP-centred tool that organizes patient’s information just like what nurses and doctors do during consultancy visit.


Text, Speech and Media Translation

A Google partnered company, Welocalize customizes former’s AutoML Translate to ensure that client content doesn’t get lost in the translation process. This variety of Natural Language Processing tool is serving with a plethora of content translation including text, video, audio, graphics, and other digital assets.


AI-Enabled Order Processing

Kea is a platform that reduces impatience for those standing in the queue waiting for their order while the vendor staff is stuck on online receiving of the order. The company’s Voice AI uses NLP to answer calls and receive orders while freeing opportunities for restaurants to bundle menu items into meal packages and organize data that will increase order-specific recommendations.


Chatbot Recruiter

An employee-recruitment software developer AllyO employs NLP-empowered chatbot technology as a standard-issue customer assistance bot. Here, the bot is an autonomous recruiter that commences the preliminary job interview process while gathering candidate information including location, contact info, skill set, experience level, and employment eligibility.


Ease Up the Text Summarizing in Academic Papers

Paper Digest is a platform that uses NLP tool enabling speed reader and judicious editor by laymanizing a paper’s content and present it in an understandable bulleted summary format.


Conversational Speech Synthesis

Speech synthesis technology has some most significant examples in daily life. Smart speakers Amazon Echo, Google Home which is now present in every second American household makes living more convenient. Semantic Machine is a platform that relies on NLP falling on the correct aspect of command-versus-conversation distinction. In order to accomplish the sophisticated conversation, Semantic Machines’ engine interprets users’ intent and reads the context of an interaction. Thereafter it updates its own framework to communicate more efficiently.


Self-Learning Search

For any online retail or business, a poor search function is surely a drawback which consequently makes self-learning search feature a must for e-commerce players. BloomReach is a platform that provides flagship product, BloomReach Experience (brX) which is incorporated by a number of online retailers. The product comprises of self-learning search and optimizable browsing functions and landing pages. All these features are without any doubt driven by natural language processing technology.