The Age of Chatbot-Powered Marketing is Here!

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Everyone wants to take their business to the next big level? Isn’t it? We all dream this to happen as soon as possible, keeping the hurdles we need to cross, in our mind. With the rising competition and the upcoming technological advances I guess growing businesses would be a major task to conquer. So what are your saviors onto this? Did you think something out of the box? If not, then fine. This article will take you through the latest digital marketing mantra to scale up your business.

We’re all very well aware of what a chatbot is. If not then, I would tell that a chatbot is nothing other than a computer programmed to automate tasks. Powered by artificial intelligence, these bots are now ruling the market.

You visit a site.

You get a pop up saying: Let’s Chat!

This is what a simple chatbot does.

The latest and advanced bots are basically an amalgam of artificial intelligence with human minds behind. A simple if-then questions programmed by a human mind can do this task very skillfully behind the screens. Now what’s the use of this? Right? Getting things done in less time with 100% accuracy is what their targets are. Plus you get a really good support that adds some good reviews and customer feedbacks.

So the next plan we take up is: Marketing powered by chatbots.

The main concept is to provide support like humans to your site visitor without actually having humans to do so. Chatbots then enter into the arena of lead generation giving some hikes and decreasing the effort at your end for lead generation. This ultimately leads to provide an experience just like a trained salesperson without having one of them. You’re work is done with minimum efforts and the costing can be decreased to some extent like you no more require much of your team to focus on marketing and sales.

Like we have the personal assistants ruling the world, the next wave would definitely be these chatbots. Siri and Alexa are already companions we crave for.  Companies are now working to enhance their customer’s digital experiences with chatbot powered marketing. Five of these have bet to get excellent and powerful results through bots.

The chatbot revolution has begun and the brands are just working neck to neck to make the hefty tasks easier and simpler.  You know how delicious the Starbucks coffee is? What if the chatbot just gets your order via voice and even remembers the entire order history? Interesting right?


1. Starbucks

This came into play when Starbucks introduced a simple chatbot on their My Barista app. The attempt made by them was entirely focused on to making the ordering task effortless. It could work on multiple orders and suggest too for future orders.


2. Sephora

How about getting make-up tutorials, skin care tips and product reviews just as you chat with a bot? This was what the cosmetics retailer Sephora started back in 2016. The company has made significant moves to get the real marketing done at various platforms like launching Sephora Reservation Assistant and Sephora Color Match.


3. Aeromexico

Getting all your flight details at one place is another attempt by this company to keep the customers informed at every minute. The chatbot is available in both Spanish and English to get the flyers pricing details, arrival details, departure details etc. Although several others have worked onto this platform, Aeromexico did it far better.


4. Taco Bell

With just some minimum efforts you could order everything with this large food chain. Few years back this food chain introduced its first chatbot-powered ordering system. It allowed users to add and remove ingredients, ask for prices, review, orders, and finally checkout.


5. National Geographic

What if you could chat with Einstein and get to know about all theoretical subjects, some life sciences and his love life too? Amazing isn’t it? This is what National Geographic did with the help of Facebook Messenger to launch this chatbot for promoting their show named Genius.


Although this is still an infant, but the growth businesses are targeting with these are indefinite. Chatbots ruling the entire digital marketing world is not just a dream but a wakeup call to all those who haven’t tried this even once. So get up and put your best efforts to dive in this new world building up!

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