Top Tech News: Apple Collaborates with OpenAI to Integrate ChatGPT into iOS 18

Apple collaborates with OpenAI to incorporate ChatGPT technology into iOS 18
Top Tech News: Apple Collaborates with OpenAI to Integrate ChatGPT into iOS 18

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Apple is preparing to reveal a collaboration with OpenAI to incorporate ChatGPT technology into iOS 18 and various other Apple products at the near future WWDC event. This move comes after careful consideration of possible damage to Apple's reputation from a "wildly autonomous chatbot" and Apple's philosophical concerns about adding chatbots to their lineup. In the end, Apple decided that customers would anticipate such sophisticated technology and chose to provide AI capabilities as an optional feature to reduce possible conflicts, as reported by MacRumors. Besides OpenAI, Apple is also in talks with Google about integrating Google's Gemini AI technology into its operating systems. These discussions are carried out on a case-specific basis, which could result in the inclusion of several third-party chatbots on Apple devices.

Seagate is seeking a skilled SAP Analyst I for its Pune office. The SAP Analyst's job is to oversee the production and shopfloor management processes and SAP systems. The individual need to collaborate with seasoned experts, utilizing your academic expertise to aid in the creation and enhancement of SAP systems. The applicant needs to have management skills to oversee and resolve problems related to production. Connect with business users to grasp their needs for the business and know the market conditions to provide practical solutions for managing inventory. The responsibility of the candidate is to focus on setting up the system configuration, developing functional specifications, and designing reports related to projects. The applicant is responsible for working together with P2S and other teams from different areas to tackle issues related to production.

Elon Musk has directed Nvidia to deliver a large number of AI chips set aside for Tesla to X and xAI. Elon Musk believes Tesla has the potential to become a leading force in AI and robotics. To achieve this goal, he mentioned that the acquisition of high-cost processors from Nvidia will necessitate enhancing its infrastructure. Read more about the latest AI news. During Tesla's earnings report for the first quarter of the year, Musk announced plans to boost the quantity of H100s, Nvidia's premier AI chip, from 35,000 to 85,000 by the year's end. 

Several cryptocurrency firms have issued alerts regarding a continuous supply chain email breach attack that uses newsletter lists to spread harmful phishing links to unaware individuals. Bitfinex Chief Technology Officer Paolo Ardoino and CoinGecko founder Bobby Ong have brought to the attention of the Cryptocurrency community the recently reported email data breach attack targeting a vendor who sends out mailing lists for various  crypto companies. The impact of this breach goes beyond the cryptocurrency companies, even extends to their customers. This is because additional amounts of money are invested in cryptocurrencies and increase variety of users becoming victims of hacks every year.

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