Top News in Artificial Intelligence in 2024

Explore about the top news in artificial intelligence in 2024
Top News in Artificial Intelligence in 2024

Elon Musk has directed Nvidia to deliver numerous AI chips designated for Tesla to X and xAI

Elon Musk has directed Nvidia to deliver a large number of AI chips set aside for Tesla to X and xAI. Elon Musk believes Tesla has the potential to become a leading force in AI and robotics. To achieve this goal, he mentioned that the acquisition of high-cost processors from Nvidia will necessitate enhancing its infrastructure. Read more about the latest AI news.

During Tesla's earnings report for the first quarter of the year, Musk announced plans to boost the quantity of H100s, Nvidia's premier AI chip, from 35,000 to 85,000 by the year's end. A few days later, he also mentioned in a tweet that Tesla would invest $10 billion in AI training and inference this year.

However, emails from Nvidia's top employees, which have been circulated within the company, suggest that Musk may have overstated Tesla's need for these processors to investors. Additionally, these emails reveal that Musk redirected a significant portion of the reserved AI processors intended for Tesla to his social media platform X, previously known as Twitter. Here is more on the news in artificial intelligence.

As a result, Tesla's stock fell by as much as 1% on the news early Tuesday morning.

By compelling Nvidia to allow the privately owned startup X to bypass Tesla in the queue, Musk delayed Tesla's acquisition of over $500 million worth of graphics processing units, or GPUs, by several months. This likely contributed to further delays in establishing the supercomputers Tesla requires to create self-driving cars and humanoid robots.

By compelling Nvidia to allow the privately owned startup X to bypass Tesla in the queue, Musk delayed Tesla's acquisition of over $500 million worth of graphics processing units, or GPUs, by several months. This likely contributed to further delays in establishing the supercomputers Tesla requires to create self-driving cars and humanoid robots.

A newer email from Nvidia, dated late April, mentioned that Musk's remarks during the first-quarter Tesla conference call "were at odds with the company's bookings" and that his statement in a blog post about spending US$10 billion on AI contradicted the company's bookings and its 2025 financial plans. This email also brought attention to Tesla's ongoing, significant layoffs and cautioned that further staff cuts might lead to more setbacks on an "H100 project" at Tesla's Gigafactory in Texas. Here is more on the news in artificial intelligence.

The details provided in the emails, as reported by CNBC, underscore a growing tension between Musk and some concerned Tesla investors who doubt if the billionaire leader is meeting his commitments to Tesla while also managing a variety of other businesses that demand his time, resources, and substantial investments.

A spokesperson for Nvidia chose not to comment on this article. Neither Musk nor the representatives for X and Tesla responded to inquiries about their views.

Critics argue that Musk is merely a part-time leader at Tesla, the entity that accounts for the bulk of his riches. He is also the chief executive officer of SpaceX and founder of Neuralink, a company that specializes in developing brain-machine interface technology, and The Boring Co., a company that deals with tunnel construction. He is also the owner of X, which he bought when it was called Twitter for $44 billion at the end of 2022. In 2023, he also established his AI company, xAI.

x and xAI are related. In a note published in November about X, Musk wrote, “Anyone who invests in X Corp will own 25% of xAI. ” Furthermore, xAI leverages some resources from X’s data centers for training and the inference of its giant language models that underlie Grok, a chatbot, reported CNBC. Here is more on the news in artificial intelligence.

Current and former employees of OpenAI and Google DeepMind shared their concerns about artificial intelligence.

A team of present and past workers from Artificial Intelligence companies, including one with a link to Microsoft (MSFT. O), opened a new tab. At the same time, two of the most prominent players, OpenAI and Alphabet (GOOGL. O), introduced a new tab. As mentioned earlier, on Tuesday, Google DeepMind warned society of the dangers of developing technologies.

Eleven current and former workers at OpenAI and one current and former employee at Google DeepMind penned an open letter detailing how AI firms’ profit motives hamper good regulation.

It also outlines potential negative scenarios where AI is unmanageable: It is stated that AI may spread false information, self-operated AI systems may vanish, and current inequities may be further expanded, leading to the end of humanity.

Scholars observed cases where corporate image makers, including OpenAI and Microsoft, generated images about voting that were actually prohibited by the rules.

The letter mentioned that AI companies have "limited responsibilities" to disclose details to governments about what their systems can and cannot do and that these companies cannot be relied upon to share this information openly.

This open letter is the latest to highlight safety issues related to generative AI technology, which can quickly and affordably produce text, images, and sound that resemble humans.

The group has requested that AI companies create a system for both present and past workers to report issues related to risks instead of applying confidentiality contracts that prohibit negative feedback.

In another development, the company led by Sam Altman revealed on Thursday that it has successfully stopped five secret attempts to use its AI technology for misleading actions online. Here is more on the news in artificial intelligence.

Apple's WWDC 2024 event next week: Updates from iOS 18 to AI advancements; here's the full lineup

Apple is gearing up for its much-awaited 35th yearly Global Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024, scheduled for June 10 to June 14. As usual, the conference will kick off with a keynote speech, likely unveiling a pletApple's upcoming WWDC 2024 event next week: Highlights from iOS 18 to breakthroughs in AI; here's the complete schedule

Apple is preparing for its eagerly anticipated 35th annual Global Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024, set to take place from June 10 to June 14.

The latest iOS 18 update will most likely include AI improvements and a more flexible Home Screen, like the iPadOS 18 update. This update is to fortify the iPad as a tool that can complement productivity and creativity and the multifaceted improvement in processing capabilities, sort of files, and app management. Notes and Photos apps will gain more features and interconnectivity with Apple Pencil. As a result, the iPad will offer a convenient and required device for home and office usage.

The next update is planned to appear as macOS 15, which will equip the MacBook range with AI technologies. The iOS 15 is expected to come with features like deep integration of machine learning in document creation in pages and automatic generation of slide decks in the keynote, as well as code suggestions in Xcode. They include the following, which are intended to optimize the handling of operations and increase consumer efficiency. As has always been the case with the macOS versions, which are mostly named after California locations, the possible versions that could be released in this update could be Redwood, Sequoia, or even Mammoth. Also, this update will enhance the compatibility of the Calculator, Contacts, Reminders, Maps, Messages, Notes, Mail, Photos, and Fitness like their iOS versions.

For those who use Apple Watches, watchOS 11 is expected to introduce more sophisticated health and fitness functionalities. While specifics are limited, it's anticipated that the update will improve the Fitness app by adding AI-powered metrics and tailored workout recommendations. There might also be enhancements in sleep tracking, tools for managing stress, and more detailed analysis of health data. These updates are set to solidify the Apple Watch's reputation as a leading device for health and fitness tracking.

Additionally, watchOS 2 is set to make strides in the realm of augmented and virtual reality. The new version is expected to feature more advanced augmented reality (AR) functionalities, improved user experiences, and better performance for the Apple Vision Pro headset. Developers are looking forward to new resources and frameworks aimed at creating engaging AR/VR experiences, expanding the capabilities of these technologies.

Even with the rush of software updates, WWDC 2024 might notably lack hardware news. According to Mark Gurman, Apple plans not to unveil any new gadgets at this year's conference.

SAP and Accenture Team Up to Accelerate Value Delivery with SAP Business AI

Generative AI stands as the primary catalyst for change in today's world. Although it might not be the sole or ultimate technological advancement, adopting generative AI necessitates a long-term strategy for change and an ongoing commitment to transformation

The journey begins with the importance of value and elevating IT for the era of AI, focusing on establishing a robust and secure digital infrastructure. This involves prioritizing the use of AI models ready for large-scale implementation, a contemporary database, and an adaptable AI framework that accommodates the integration of various foundational models, ensuring organizations are prepared for technological advancements and changes in AI models.

According to research by Accenture, 40% of top executives in the C-suite are optimistic that their organization will achieve widespread adoption of generative AI across all business sectors within the next six to twelve months. At present, organizations are implementing generative AI in specific business divisions, with 56% doing so extensively and nearly 30% in a more limited capacity. Only 10% report having achieved widespread adoption of generative AI across their entire organization, and only 13% express high confidence in their data strategy and foundational digital capabilities to effectively utilize generative AI.

This is the reason why companies are relying more and more on SAP and its collaborators to revolutionize their operations fully and why SAP and Accenture are collaborating to assist their clients in positioning SAP Business AI and data as their primary competitive edge.

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