Is Wipro the Best Tech Stock to Buy This Week?

Is Wipro the best tech stock to buy? Read to find out
Is Wipro the Best Tech Stock to Buy This Week?

 Wipro is a leading and reputable multinational company that offers information technology, consultant, and business process services. In the growing landscape of technology investments, Wipro stands out as a major player. As investors direct through the countless options in the tech stock market, the question arises: Is Wipro the best tech stock to buy? With its strong portfolio of IT solutions and services, Wipro has consistently demonstrated flexibility and innovation. However, determining its position as the top investment choice requires a deep dive into its financial performance, market trends, and strategic growth initiatives. This analysis aims to reveal details on Wipro's potential as a leading tech stock among the best tech stocks to buy in an industry marked by fierce competition and rapid change.

Wipro's Increase in Share Price Today

Today, on May 16, 2024, Wipro's stock price rose by 1%. It closed at ₹458.1 per share and is presently trading at ₹462.7 per share.

Wipro’s Previous Day's Performance

Yesterday, it was observed the value of Wipro was opened and closed at ₹456.35, with a high of ₹459.25 and a low of ₹454.8. Its market capitalization stood at ₹239200.76 crores. Wipro’s 52-week highest price was ₹546.1 and the lowest was ₹375.

Is Wipro the Best Stock to Buy: Wipro’s Hourly Price Movement

 In the past few hours, Wipro's stock price varied between ₹461.92 and ₹457.42. Traders could consider buying near the support level at ₹457.42 and selling near the resistance level at ₹461.92.

Wipro’s Short and Long-Term Trends

According to the technical analysis, Wipro's short-term trend is strong, but the long-term trend is moderately not strong.

Wipro’s Resistance Levels

The present market price of Wipro has exceeded the first and second resistance levels, indicating a strong ‘Yes’ move. However, traders should watch out for possible reversals if the stock price breaks the final resistance level of ₹464.8.

Wipro’s Trading Volume

The volume of Wipro traded 136.33% until 11 AM today. Higher volume with a positive price cap suggests a sustainable rising trend.

Wipro’s Hourly Price Movement Update

In the previous trading hour, Wipro's stock price reached a high of ₹463.05 and a low of ₹458.55. It fell below the hourly support level of ₹460.05, suggesting a ‘not strong’ sentiment.

Key Support and Resistance Levels

Wipro's share price is now trading between the key support and resistance levels of ₹455.5 and ₹460.15 respectively. Crossing these levels may indicate further bullish or bearish movements.

Stock Peers

Wipro's stock rose by 0.39% today, while its peer companies are experiencing diverse results.

Is Wipro the Best Stock to Buy This Week?

The consensus Analyst's Rating is Sell:

The consensus analyst reports with the current highest rating as ‘Sell’ and rated average for Wipro tech stock to ‘Buy’


Is Wipro the best tech stock to buy this week? It is important to keep in mind that Wipro’s stock price fluctuates from time to time, which reflects a mix of bullish and bearish market sentiment. Coming to Wipro stock performance, investors and traders should keep a close watch paying special attention to key support and resistance levels. This careful monitoring will serve as the basis for sound investment decisions.

Right now, consensus reports are leaning towards a ‘sell’ recommendation, which highlights the need for in-depth market analysis in tech stock  for guidance in making investment decisions.

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