Top 10 Tech Stocks to Buy in April 2024

Top 10 Tech Stocks to Buy in April 2024

April 2024 Investment Guide: "The Top 10 Tech Stocks: The Stocks that deserve to reach starts

In April, the tech industry presented us with many investment options. In a technology-dominated market, investors are looking for tech stocks that ensure growth and certainty as they continue innovating. 

Microsoft Corp:

Microsoft cloud versions of Office, Dynamics, and Teams are experiencing solid user base growth, while its Azure infrastructure cloud storage services business is expanding notably. Zino's statement on Microsoft's Activision Blizzard deal will also contribute to more openings for their gaming business. CFRA recommends MSFT stock as a "strong buy" and has a $395 price objective on it, which closes at $225.52 on April 5.

Apple Inc:

Apple earns its premium valuation not only through its stable free cash flow but also because of its generous dividend and share buyback history and its management team's very successful performance.  According to the analyst, the CFRA assigns a "buy" rating and $210 as its price target for the AAPL stock, which closed at $169.58 on 05 April.

Nvidia Corp:

Nvidia's lead innovation through its pipeline, along with its massive on-cloud investment, is probably the reason for its incredible rise in all three dimensions. Nvidia, despite its highly high stock price, still has an upside potential even though, presently, it has seen unbelievable growth.  CFR is assigned a "buy" rating as well as a $1,000 price target for NVDA stock, which was at a close of $880.08 on April 5.

Broadcom Inc:

Broadcom's Apple chip deal and the inspiration that follows opens Broadcom new opportunities in future AI products today, more visibly in terms of financial visibility and demand potential than at any other time in its history. Zino foresees a 40% revenue growth in the fiscal 2024 with just about EURO 2 million in revenue. According to Zacks, an analyst, CFRA holds a "buy" rating and places a $1,600 price target on AVGO stock that closed trading on Apr. 5 at $1,339.43.

Salesforce Inc:

The depth and breadth of its offerings compared to any other cloud CRM provider has been achieved gradually through many successful strategic acquisitions that led to this state.  CRM stock is recommended for solid buy with a price target of $330 by CFRA. On the last business day of April 5, it closed at a level of $301.91.

Advanced Micro Devices Inc:

AMD has released its graphics processing unit (GPU) products and predicts that it will carry out the balance sheet improvement process. CFRA is rated as a buy, and the 12-month stock price target of $200 for AMD is a closing price of $170.42 as of April 5.

Adobe Inc:

AI Assistants into Acrobat and Reader and accelerating the expansion of the tech giant's Firefly generative machine learning model can ensure Adobe's trending stock. CFRA analysts gave a "buy" rating and assigned a $630 price objective for the present ADBE shares, which were closed at $ 485.12 on April 5 this year.

Accenture PLC:

The fact that the organization is closely knitted with technical niches and possesses strong partnerships with software vendors. Besides, it scouts into the market as the demonstration of the actual business motion. ACN is a stock that received a fair amount of attention on the 5th of April when it happened to be trading somewhere over $333, with CFRA having "buy" with a $387 price target. 

Intuit Inc:

Intuit originated the AI technology, and it is inherently apt. The availability of such a function will undoubtedly attract users, and they will become an essential constituent in building a high customer retention rate and sales volumes of premium products in the future. As Quek expects, in fiscal 2024, an 11.8% actual revenue increase will take place. CFRA is calling the stock "Overweight" and given the $715 price target. The stock closed at $635.74 on April 5.

International Business Machines Corp:

It's a good stock to invest in. Though IBM has had many instances of dullness and a missed execution plan, Idlet remained optimistic that the company could build its fundamental reputation as soon as possible. From the assessments of CFRA, the price target for a "buy" rating on IBM stock is $216. This stock closed at $189.14 on April 5.

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