How to Create a Vtuber Avatar and Start Streaming

Creation of a Vtuber avatar - ATutorial
How to Create a Vtuber Avatar and Start Streaming

As the daybreak of the metaverse quickly approaches, the lines between real life and virtual reality are getting thinner by the minute. When it comes to web eminence and popularity, “realness” is no longer a need for eager fans and adherents. From social media influencers to livestreamers, virtual avatars are taking the world by storm.

VTuber is a shorter way of saying virtual YouTuber. VTubers utilize a computer-generated avatar in recordings rather than appearing in their confront. They ordinarily select to stay mysterious, covering up their genuine character behind their avatar. This anonymous, faceless approach to video content gives anybody a chance to construct an online stage and take after without having ever to uncover who they genuinely are.

While the term began as a way of referring to these virtual identities on YouTube, the VTuber trend can presently be found on the web on numerous platforms, from TikTok to Twitch. Many individuals have questions about how to create a Vtuber avatar.

Why are virtual YouTubers popular?

The worldwide widespread in 2020 certainly helped raise and popularize virtual characters, as more watchers tuned into gaming live streams and observed more YouTube content than ever. Whereas VTubers were prevalent in Japan at the time, this crest network made a difference in bringing characters into the standard, and more VTubers started recording and streaming in English.

Virtual YouTubers also offer to anime fans, who regularly have crossover leisure activities that VTubers cover, such as gaming and Japanese pop. These avatars break the boundary between the virtual world and the genuine one, so VTubers can be imaginative and inventive in the content they’re able to create. Virtual avatars, moreover, come without any sort of human “baggage,” meaning that when compared to other online communities, the VTuber space is frequently less drama-filled and more positive. Discover step-by-step instructions on how to create a Vtuber Avatar with our comprehensive guide.

How to create a Vtuber Avatar

Over the past few years, VTubers have been taking over Twitch and the web in general. Let’s discuss the step-by-step creation of a Vtuber avatar.

Download and Open VRoid Studio

As soon as you download the app, you can see the screen VRoid Studio. Any models that you’ve already made will show up beneath recently edited. You’ll also discover a few “sample models” that you can customize. Now, we’ll tap “Create New" to begin with a new base.

Choose Your Base

You can select a female or male avatar base. If either of these avatars looks nothing like you, don’t stress: you’ll have a ton of customization choices ahead.

Play Around With Confront and Body Features

This is the primary screen for customizing your avatar in VRoid Studio. Right-tap and hold your mouse to move the camera around and utilize the scroll work to zoom in and out. To the distant left, you will see alternatives for things like confront sets, eyes, nose, mouth, etc. Just next to that, you’ll see previews. Test with an assortment of diverse styles to know what you like best.

Experiment With Colors and Textures

As you proceed to customize your 3D avatar, you can get inventive with eye and hair colors, skin tones, and more.

Optional: Download Custom Content

While VRoid Studio is a culmination for those without drawing or quickening abilities, having these abilities increases your choices for customization. Most individuals accept that aesthetic ability is a skill you’re born with, but any artist will tell you that with practice, anybody can learn to draw. Usually, this might consume time.

Booth is an indie commercial center where CC makers transfer things for clients to appreciate. Though a few things require a few bucks, you can discover loads of free downloadable content on Booth. The site is mainly aimed at Japanese audiences but highlights English interpretations. VTuber “Mari Yume” has a fantastic YouTube instructional exercise about downloading CC through Booth.

In this picture, you can see that the maker offers a free, downloadable dress for VRoid Studio in one color but requires 200 yen (less than 2 USD) to get the other colors. If you have a few dollars to buy, it’s an extraordinary way to get CC and back the artist at the same time. In the picture underneath, we connected the CC dress to our avatar by uploading it as a picture layer in the Surface Editor.

Finalize Your Avatar and Save

After adding a few fun animal ears to our avatar through “Accessories,” we’re all set. Essentially, if you spare your avatar, the program will consequently save it as a VRoid record.

Streaming Tips

Unlock the secrets of Vtuber creation with a tutorial on how to create a Vtuber Avatar. By following specific streaming tips, one can become a popular Vtuber.

The first step is to go to the drawing board and visualize how you want your virtual avatar to look. Make a few drawings that incorporate your thoughts for plans, which outfits you see them in, and even their backstory. Whether you have somebody else making your avatar or you’re making it yourself, this will help motivate you and help you know precisely what you want.

While you’re in brainstorming mode, take a beat to think about who you need to make content for. Like with any sort of content creation, this step is exceptionally critical to help you come up with your video content and material. Keep in mind that it’s completely fine if the sort of content you make changes as you go, but still, it’s imperative to have a common thought of who your channel will be pointed at.

Once you have your virtual avatar, it’s time to snare up your movement following the program. This software works by utilizing your webcam to capture your facial expressions and developments and then deciphers them to your avatar. VSeeFace is an extraordinary choice for a movement-following framework, with numerous settings that you can empower or impair to personalize your avatar.


1. What do VTubers use to make their avatars?

Facerig, Luppet, VSeeFace, and VTube Studio are a few popular ones. You can download most of these applications on both Windows and Mac. Some of them will help you create an avatar, while others are strictly for capturing motion and streaming your character.

2. Where do VTubers get their models?

If you'd instead stick to English-only sites, there are a few options out there. Etsy, known and loved for its handmade and vintage items, also offers digital assets, including VTuber avatars and accessories. You can also commission artists for custom models.

3. Is VTuber profitable?

Monetizing through advertisements is a traditional yet effective way for VTubers to earn money. By enabling ads on their YouTube videos or Twitch streams, VTubers can generate revenue based on viewership and engagement metrics. So, while your channel and fan base grow, so can your income.

4. What skills do you need to be a VTuber?

It takes some technical know-how and financial investment to become a VTuber. A VTuber must have a computer, webcam, microphone, motion capture software, and animation software at the very least. To make their avatars as realistic as possible, many VTubers also invest in top-notch cameras and lighting tools.

5. What is the future of VTuber?

The global Vtuber market size was valued at USD 2188.32 million in 2022 and is expected to expand at a CAGR of 35.03% during the forecast period, reaching USD 13265.26 million by 2028.

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