Australia Unveils Revolutionary Speech-to-Speech AI Avatar

Australia Unveils Revolutionary Speech-to-Speech AI Avatar

Australia plans to unveil revolutionary speech-to-speech AI Avatar

Elohim Technology Inc. and the University of Technology Sydney, Australia (UTS) are planning to show a new and innovative speech-to-speech AI avatar agent at the exclusive Chau Chak Wing Audientorum in Sydney on Monday, the 13th of May 2024. Technical experts have come up with incredible technology, a human-computer interface that can understand and answer with precision in such a human-like manner. Elohim Technology has set its goal to spread its technology with the help of speech-to-speech AI avatar into the scope of healthcare, medicine, and the field of disability, where artificial intelligence can generate power for the welfare of society and improve human-computer interaction.

Created by Elohim Technology LLC and the University of Technology Sydney, this Australia speech-to-speech AI avatar will have the ability to hold an actual conversation with the user in real-time, both multi-lingual, and adapt its answers to the user's emotional state and contextual meanings. This speech-to-speech AI avatar technology may well be a reason to demonstrate a technical breakthrough, but with it comes the ethics of AI, which is considered to be one of the main concerns. Elohim proposes an integration of the teachings of renowned spiritual leaders into the core aspects of AI, which would help AGI achieve a solid moral foundation that can help ensure the benefits outweigh the risks to humanity.

A spokesperson for Elohim Technology LLC said this unveiling marks not only AI technology but also our path towards creating an ethical AGI, where AI, in contrast to human life beyond the moment, continuously evolves from learning from our interactions and feedback wisdom.

The launch event will showcase the avatar, engaging with Dr. Ben Goertzel of SingularitNet and Jerome Glenn of The Millenium Project and giving people a chance to participate in the unique user experience and the future of empathetic digital communication.

Doctors Mukesh Prasad and Ali Braytee at UTS expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration: "UTS is happy to partner in this workshop, presenting a leading-edge technological product that fully corresponds with our commitment to honoring and cultivating ethical scientific progress." Press personnel are also invited to watch this historic removal and conduct interviews.

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