The 5 Industries That Rely on Artificial Intelligence

February 19, 2020

Artificial Intelligence

The research on how to improve and implement artificial intelligence in our everyday lives is not stopping. Many multi-million companies are constantly trying out new technologies to make sure that they will be the ones that will lay the foundation towards the next step of human evolution. There are still some pros and cons to this concept and people are divided towards the idea of robotizing the world, but this will probably be the next step towards human progress.

What many people don’t know, is that some form of AI is being used in certain industries these days. We wanted to state some of the details and unveil some of the industries that rely heavily on this type of technology. For example, casino games at NoviBet solely rely on AI, the education sector is also trying to implement this technology, etc. Let’s check out some of the most dominant areas.



Healthcare has had a tight relationship with AI in the last couple of years. AI helps doctors by providing them with better diagnostics and detecting a medical problem in an individual much faster. The purpose of having this technology in the medical area is to make the process of examination much faster and more effective. Some statistics have shown that by using AI in healthcare, countries like the USA will save up to $150 billion per year by 2026.



In a world where the marketing industry has transferred to the online world, the need for AI in this sector is essential. Advertising on social media and other platforms requires AI to determine what are the preferences of the users by analyzing their cookie history. AI has made online advertising much easier and far more effective than traditional marketing tools.


Online Gambling Sites

Like we mentioned earlier, the online casino industry is also relying heavily on AI. In fact, if they didn’t have this technology at their disposal, they wouldn’t exist. Online casinos use artificial intelligence to enforce fair-play by making every outcome of every game random and by securing their sites and making sure that all of the information about the players in hidden and turned into an unbreakable code. They also give players anonymity, which is one of the reasons why many people started favouring them over the land-based casinos.



Logically, manufacturing is always in a desperate need of robots. They help in the building process and are far more reliable than humans. Artificial intelligence is playing a key role in this industry by taking care of the smallest details and making the process much more effective and efficient.



The first signs of self-driven cars are almost here. Artificial intelligence uses various algorithms to determine the speed of the car, the trajectory, and obstacles on the road. While this technology is still relatively young, it has the potential to make the future much easier for us.