Will Self-driving Cars Fail to Pass through Discriminated areas?

Will Self-driving Cars Fail to Pass through Discriminated areas?

Self-driving cars are being subjected to heavy criticism right now

Although, self-driving cars are a novel invention, drivers and experts are still doubtful of the effectiveness of driverless cars to be run on roads. Driving is a job that requires absolute concentration and decision making. A driver decides the best route that needs to be taken or the short cuts that will be best suited for a passenger in haste.

Self-driving cars that come with advanced features of autonomous driving technology hold the promise of replacing or precisely over shadowing cars that need drivers. In spite of being imbued with technological advancements, automation vehicles are yet not ready to be launched on roads because of several problems:

1. They may fail to read traffic lights

Criticisms on self-driving cars for being chosen as the future of automation industry accord that these driverless cars may fail to read the traffic signals at low lights like during the night time and are likely to cause accidents.

2. Failing to interpret human gesticulations

Self-driving cars are not trained enough to comprehend human gestures like eye contact amidst traffic jams which can lessen co-ordination and co-operation on a whole.

3. Self-driving cars are not capable enough to foresee the conditions on road and make decisions accordingly.

Above listed are some legitimate problems that automated vehicles are likely to suffer which induces doubts against the usage of self driving cars.

The Discriminatory Problem that is majorly being frowned upon

Topping all other problems that driverless vehicles are likely to confront, experts are of opinion that self-driving cars are not or cannot be made suitable enough to deal with rough routes and uneven roads compared to the big vehicle like four-wheelers that are designed in a manner to run on rough roads.

It is argued that in order to make the venture of self-driving cars successful, roads need to be smoothened out and the infrastructures need to be altered, making them conducive for self-driving cars.

Waymo's takes the plunge to overcome the challenges

Waymo, better remembered as Google's sister company, encourages the production and manufacturing of self-driving cars. Also being a self-driving car company, Waymo has exhibited immense prudence on the possible challenges that are likely to crop up if these vehicles are landed up on the road. Keeping the challenges in mind, Waymo is experimenting with the self- made cars by exposing them to 'pathological situations' like the scientists and makers hid themselves in bags and jumped out of it in front of the vehicle to test its ability to detect a human presence and stop. This experiment was carried out to gauge the automated vehicle's ability to avoid accidents.

Constant experiments and learning can make the self-driving cars road friendly

Waymo stresses on improved and enhanced learning as the possibilities of catastrophies of different kinds cannot be eliminated altogether. Efforts put in predicting prospective problems and challenges is the only way to enhance the improvement of the self-driving cars to the point of being used on roads.

If the self-driving cars are made suitable enough for roads irrespective of the roughness and smoothness of them, the general mass can experience carefree rides without having to worry about being duped by drivers who often take inappropriate routes to increase the fair.

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