Top Industrial Robotics Companies in the World for You to Know

Top Industrial Robotics Companies in the World for You to Know

Analytics Insight provides a list of top industrial robotics companies in the world

Robotics is thriving in the global market because companies have identified the particular need of multiple industries— assistants. Industrial robots are helping factories and organizations in multiple different ways like welding, product inspection, automation, and many more to boost productivity at a low cost and yield higher returns. Thus, there is an emergence of several industrial robotics companies to provide sufficient supply to the high demand in the tech-driven market. The blend of robotics and artificial intelligence is generating smart functionalities into these industrial robots. Let's explore some of the top industrial robotics companies in the world.

Top industrial robotics companies in the world for you to know

ABB Ltd.

ABB Robotics is known as a pioneer in robotics focused on manufacturing industrial robots and machine automation in 53 countries. It has shipped over 50,000 industrial robot solutions across the world. The industrial robotics company serves a wide range of industries including aluminum, automotive, cement, data centers, marine and ports, metals, building and infrastructure, and many more. It also offers a digital solution to reduce maintenance costs as well as increase employee safety in mining operations.

Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric is one of the top industrial robotics companies in the world that offers regionally specific products. Mitsubishi MELFA is one of the popular industrial robots that is fit for cell manufacturing with a high speed as well as a high precision performance with intelligent technology of artificial intelligence. These industrial robots are perfect for a wide range of applications for high-volume production of foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals that demand fast operation. Industrial robotics can help to withstand environmental conditions without any external worry about the installation environment. There are different types of industrial robots such as vertical type robots, horizontal type robots, ceiling-mounted horizontal type robots, environment-resistant specified robots, as well as micro-working robots.

Apex Automation and Robotics

Apex Automation and Robotics have specialization in the design and manufacture of custom-built automation machines and industrial robots across the world. It is popular for utilizing the most suitable technology for each application. It focuses on the complexity of movements with a variety of functions with speed and accuracy. The company is involved with industrial robotics projects such as high sped robotic pickers, robotics packing, and many more.

Fanuc Corporation

Fanuc Corporation is a well-known industrial robotics company that manufactures industrial robots to improve performance as well as revenue. It offers over 100 industrial robots models with more than 40 years of helping the manufacturing industry. These industrial robots are very easy to operate and provide flexibility that can hold payload up to 2,300kg and maximum reaches up to 4.7m. It is popular for offering the widest series range of industrial robots in the world.

Yaskawa Motoman

Yaskawa Motoman is focused on delivering high-quality industrial robotics for welding, cutting, picking, and assembly, and handling. These industrial robots are known for high-payload, high-speed, extended-reach, and unique 15-axis dual-arm robots. This company offers tailored solutions for manufacturing needs with cutting-edge controllers, vision systems, and other top-notch components.


Kawasaki is well-known in the world for being the leading supplier of industrial robots and robotic automation systems with the implementation of artificial intelligence. The aim is to develop high-quality and top-notch industrial robots while providing artificial intelligence and engineering. It has over 50 years of experience in robotics with different types of robots such as payload robots, painting robots, clean robots, place robots, palletizing robots, pharmaceutical robots, and many more.


Nachi is one of the top industrial robotics companies in the world that has its focused expertise with automation. The robotics company offers industrial robots in services such as handling, palletizing, spot welding, heavy-duty, cleanroom, controller, and many more. It has provided solutions in industrial robotics for a wide range of applications to the automotive industry as well as other industries. The payload capacity ranges from 2kg to 700kg with a reach capability of up to 13 feet.

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