Top 10 Upcoming Robotics Summits and Expo to Attend in 2022

Top 10 Upcoming Robotics Summits and Expo to Attend in 2022

Robotics summits and expo are thriving for the research and development of robots

Robotics is one of the thriving and advanced technologies gaining popularity in the global tech market. Robots are helping in enhancing workloads efficiently and effectively in a human-machine ecosystem. There are multiple robotics summits as well as robotics expo across the world to discuss further scopes of innovations and research and development in the fields of robotics. RPA summits are required to exchange ideas to enhance productivity and drive revenue in the future out of the highly competitive market. Robotics summits attract multiple different tech companies and robotics professionals to work on different functions. The global robotics market is expected to hit US$74.1 billion in 2026 at a CAGR of 17.45%. Expos with robots are fun and interactive for the world of robotics specialists. Let's explore some of the top ten robotics summits and robotics expo that are upcoming in 2022.

Top ten upcoming robotics summits and robotics expo in 2022
International Conference and Expo on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Date: May 16- May 18

Venue: Online

This robotics expo is focused on bringing together academic scientists and research scholars to exchange and share research results in the domains of robotics and artificial intelligence. The expo with robots is a suitable platform for discussing recent solutions and upcoming ones. It includes panel discussions, keynote lectures, discussions, poster presentations, and many more.

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Robotics Summit & Expo

Date: May 10- May 11

Venue: Boston

The Robotics Summit & Expo is known as the multifaceted educational forum and expo with robots to address multiple issues with commercial robots and other intelligent systems products and services. This will hold keynotes and general sessions for the development of the next generation of a commercial robotics system. There will be MassRobotics career fair, robotics design for additive manufacturing workshop, and test drive Spot from Boston Dynamics.

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Automation and Robotics Exhibitions

Date: June 8- June 11

Venue: Mumbai

This is a popular robotics expo in India to offer automation and robotics companies to display their advanced automation technologies, lab automation, factory automation, and many more. They are all professionals in the field of assembly, handling, and robotics. This expo with robots is focused on industrial automation.

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IARCE 2022

Date: June 10- June 12

Venue: Chengdu

IARCE or the International Conference on Industrial Automation, Robotics, and Control Engineering 2022 are focused on one of the top robotics summits for all academic scientists, researchers, and research scholars for exchanging the research and innovation results in the field of industrial automation and control engineering.

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ICRIT 2022

Date: May 21- May 23

Venue: Okinawa

ICRIT 2022 or International Conference on Robotics and Intelligent Technology is a popular robotics summit across the world. It provides high-quality and original research papers in the theory and practice of robotics and intelligent technology to improve the uses of RPAs. This expo with robots is focused on human-robot interfaces, space and underwater robots, humanoid robots, and many more.

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Robots Investments Communication Forum and Exhibition

Date: October 4- October 6

Venue: Istanbul

This robotics expo is set to showcase the implementations of the most experienced integrator companies working with different robots. It helps to focus solely on robotic solutions across the world with smart investment decisions.

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Energy Drone & Robotics Summit

Date: June 20- June 22

Venue: Online and Texas

The Energy Drone & Robotics Summit is known for focusing on UAVs, robots, artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation, and many more. It helps to connect worldwide energy and industrial unmanned leaders for further development of the industry with different robots.

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ICRA 2022

Date: May 23- May 27

Venue: Philadelphia

ICRA 2022 is one of the top robotics expos to share ideas and advances in the field of robots and automation. It includes contributed paper sessions, keynote sessions, workshops, robot competitions, and many more.

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ISR Europe 2022

Date: June 20- June 21

Venue: Munich

ISR Europe is an ideal expo on robots for presenting research results to the community of robotics. It is set to offer an insight into state-of-the-art robot technologies to the industry and research field.

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Robotworld 2022

Date: October 26- October 29

Venue: Seoul

Robotworld 2022 is one of the popular expos on robots to showcase different kinds of robots such as industrial, smart factories, professional services, personal services, and many more. There will be 500 booths for 200 companies from 20 countries including multiple different product categories.

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