Top 10 Indian Made Humanoid Robots Redefining Robotics

Top 10 Indian Made Humanoid Robots Redefining Robotics

Explore these top 10 Indian made humanoid robots that are redefining robotics

Indian humanoid robotics have been making progress for a few years. On the one hand, India is relatively lagging behind other countries in artificial intelligence and robotics in this field. Yet, Indian startups and governments are working tremendously fast to implement new technologies. What the IFR report says is that robot sales in India have grown by 27% to reach the new height of 2,627 units, nearly touching that of Thailand's numbers. Another survey states that India has taken third place worldwide after introducing robotic automation. In this article, we have explained the top 10 Indian made humanoid robots that are redefining robotics.

1. Manav

The first 3D humanoid robot, Manav, was developed in India by the A-SET Training and Research Institute situated in the national capital of Delhi. This 2-kilogram, 2-foot robotic figure is mainly designed for research purposes. It provides integrated vision and sound processing ability so that it can only walk, talk, and dance in response to human commands.

This is one of the top 10 Indian made humanoid robots that has already shown that he can play football, hold a headstand, and do push-ups. It teaches you how to learn and act as a child with open-source codes being used. It also has WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, coupled with a rechargeable lithium battery of 3.7V that is fully charged and can run for an hour.

2. Mitra – A Robot Able to Communicate with Humans

Mitra is one of the top 10 Indian made humanoid robots. It is an intelligent five-foot-tall robot that can interact with humans. It was created by Invento Robotics, a robotic company based in Bangalore, and it was inaugurated at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) by the Prime Minister of India, Mr Narendra Modi, and Ms. Ivanka Trump.

Mitra is made of fiberglass and is designed to welcome customers, facilitating contextual assistance, autonomous navigation, face recognition, and speech recognition. In addition, this character has a touchscreen on its breast that can communicate in situations where speech is not appropriate. It can run for 8 hours in a row on a single charge. It is also able to understand different languages. This robot converses with and greets customers in the corridors of Canara Bank and PVR Cinemas in Bengaluru.

3. INDRO – Tallest Robot

India stands proud of its high-level humanoid robots. INDRO is an autonomous robot invented by Santosh Vasudeo Hulawale, who commenced his construction inside the flats using common cheap materials such as aluminum, wood, cardboard, and plastics. As reported in one research study, INDRO can be applied to, e.g., fun, education, and light household jobs. The autonomous humanoid robot is not a simple autonomous unit but operates both on its own and with manual controls. It has 31 motors and can do something like humans. It can hold items and even lift objects to 2 kilograms using its hands.

4. Robotic Assistant (IRA) By HDFC Bank

IRA 2.0, a new-age, interactive robotic assistant offered by HDFC Bank, has dramatically enhanced the customer experience for people visiting their branches. It does so by engaging with them, answering banking questions, providing FAQs, and, finally, guiding them through the bank using voice navigation.

As part of a joint venture, HDFC Bank developed IRA together with Invento Makerspaces and Senseforth Technologies. It was the first Indian bank to operate a customer service bot relying on artificial intelligence. The GPS-based indoor humanoid includes a speech recognition module that can be trained to understand customers' spoken sentences. It moves across the hall using ultrasonic sensors and a facial recognition algorithm to recognize customers.


KEMPA is one of the top 10 Indian made humanoid robots. Sirena Technologies, a Bengaluru startup, used AI to build the humanoid. The high-tech humanoid was developed and constructed entirely in Bengaluru. KEMPA is designed to provide flight and check-in information as well as other flight-related information. Although the bot has yet to be perfected in its coursework before its eventual release, it suggests state sites that one can visit and makes it easy to talk with passengers.

6. RADA – A Humanoid Robot to Assist Customers at the Airport

RADA is a distinctive robot designed by Vistara, a joint venture between Tata Sons and Singapore Airlines. It was designed to automate and enhance the customer experience before getting on the aircraft. By sending out clear bot messages, RADA can help create awareness of Vistara's products and services. RADA is functioning at Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport Terminal 3.

7. Robocop – The World's first police officer robot.

H-Bots Robotics, a state-of-the-art start-up in artificial intelligence and machine learning situated in Hyderabad, has developed Robocop. This police robot can assist with law enforcement and traffic control. The humanoid robot is more than life-size, and its sensors include ultrasonic, proximity, and temperature sensors, among others. The package is aimed at guarding and ensuring offices, shopping malls, airports, beacons, and other public facilities.

8. Vyommitra:

Designed by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Vyommitra is a humanoid robot that was ideated for all manned space missions. It is equipped with complex infrastructure and advanced capabilities, and it assists astronauts in space.

9. AcYut

BITS-Pilani students joined together to make AcYut, India's first indigenous robot. The project, in turn, was greatly sponsored by the government, which was the most prominent sponsor. Through Indian Classical Music (ICM) and Bollywood Indian-as-a-Aid (BITSAA). AcYut fiercely portrays India on different International Fronts, such as RoboCup, RoboGames, etc. Being the only team having representation of India in the highly technical Robocup Humanoid Teen Size Soccer Leagues where robots contend with each other autonomously and play a kind of soccer is also acYut proud of all the time.

10. Maitri

Developed by Asimov Robotics, with headquarters in Kochi, Maitri is a humanoid robot intended for healthcare use. Through its tools, which help in hospitals and clinics, Maitri is transforming healthcare delivery in the country.

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