Top 10 Drone Technology Solution Companies in India

Top 10 Drone Technology Solution Companies in India

Check out this article to know the top 10 drone technology solution companies in India

Drones are no longer merely experimental gadgets employed in scientific laboratories; they are rapidly being utilized in a wide range of sectors, including Drone technology in agriculture, construction, and many others. The drone market in India is quickly expanding, with the Indian government's Drone Rules 2021 providing additional incentives. The new regulations are intended to encourage the development of a local unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) sector and reduce dependency on imports.

The Top 10 Drone Technology Solution Companies in India:

  1. IdeaForge: Drones from IdeaForge may be utilized for several purposes, including border security and disaster management. Furthermore, the firm provides software solutions, such as a drone data management system, to assist users to manage their data more efficiently.

  2. DJI India: DJI drones are well-known for their high-quality cameras, simplicity of operation, and dependability. They are appropriate for a wide range of sectors, from cinema to agriculture. DJI also provides a variety of software solutions, such as the DJI Flight Hub, which enables businesses to better manage their drone fleets.

  3. Asteria Aerospace: Jio Platforms, a subsidiary of Reliance Industries, purchased a controlling share in the drone player in 2019. Understandably, a manufacturing behemoth employs Asteria's technology to monitor its communication towers. Nonetheless, Asteria has larger intentions to sell Drone-as-a-Service to corporations other than the Reliance group.

  4. Aarav Unmanned Systems: Aarav Unmanned Systems (AUS) is a technology firm that focuses on providing commercial drone applications to businesses. Surveying, mapping, industrial inspection, mining, roadways, and railways are among its drone technology solutions. It also provides software solutions, such as a drone data management system, to assist Drone technology solution companies in better managing their data.

  5. Garuda Aerospace: Garuda Aerospace has received several honors for its creative solutions, including an NDRF Award for its goods and services. To battle foreign hostile drones, the anti-drone system utilizes several methods, including neutralization and detection systems.

  6. Skylark Drones: This Bangalore-based drone player does not manufacture drones, but rather focuses on drone analytics and on-site intelligence that allows for more precise business decisions. It serves customers in areas such as mining, infrastructure, renewable energy, and agriculture.

  7. Dhaksha Unmanned Systems (DUMS): Dhaksha Unmanned Systems, founded in 2019, provides drone-based solutions to a variety of industries, including agricultural, mining, defense, and surveillance. It provides both battery-powered and gasoline-powered farm drones as part of its diverse product line. Dare Ventures, a venture capital subsidiary of Coromandel International, has invested an undisclosed sum in the firm.

  8. Quidich Innovation Labs: Dare Ventures, a venture capital subsidiary of Coromandel International, has invested an undisclosed sum in the firm. Because Coromandel is currently active in agro solutions, Dhaksha Unmanned Systems experience is expected to be utilized in launching the agritech Drone as a Service model.

  9.  Aero360: Aero360, founded in 2017, is another prominent drone startup in India that specializes in the development of high-performance autonomous drones for surveillance, monitoring, and industrial surveys. In addition to drones, the firm provides industrial inspections, security, and surveillance. In the previous four years, it has completed over 50 projects across India.

  10.  Avian Aerospace: It also offers Aerial Mapping, Drone Survey, and Inspection services. It claims to have executed over 85 projects to date and employs 15 people. One of Avian Aerospace's distinguishing features is its emphasis on employing drones for monitoring the environment and conservation activities.

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