How to Become a Python Django Developer in 2022?

How to Become a Python Django Developer in 2022?

Here are the top tips to become a Python Django Web Developer in the 2022 job market.

While making a website in Python, it is mandatory to pick up a proper framework. Django is a high-level Python web framework that enables the rapid development of secure and maintainable websites. Built by experienced developers, Django takes care of much of the hassle of web development, so you can focus on writing your app without needing to reinvent the wheel. It is free and open-source, has a thriving and active community, great documentation, and many options for free and paid-for support.  Python and Django are intertwined but not the same. Python is a programming language that's used for many different applications like artificial intelligence, machine learning, desktop apps, etc. On the other hand, Django is a Python framework for full-stack web application development and server development.

The Role of Django in Web Development

Among Python frameworks, Django is often regarded as the best framework for web application development. It was even included in the list of most loved frameworks in the 2018 Stack Overflow Developer Survey. According to the Django Software Foundation, Django was "invented to meet fast-moving newsroom deadlines, while satisfying the tough requirements of experienced web developers." The framework was invented by Adrian Holovaty and Simon Willison, developers who worked at the news website World Online. At the time, Adrian and Simon were writing in PHP. But since the World Online website required quick updating, it became hard to meet deadlines. Adrian and Simon needed something so they could build the website quickly. That was when they decided to move to Python. Later on, they started working on Django to make coding even simpler and more effective. In 2005, Django was already publicly released as an open-source project.

Over the years, Django has carved a niche space for itself in the industry, and rightly so. More and more companies are betting on Django thanks to its simplicity, reliability, scalability, and flexibility. In fact, Django is the secret ingredient behind many successful apps, including Instagram, Spotify, YouTube, Disqus, Bitbucket, Dropbox, Mozilla, Eventbrite, and Prezi. This is why there is a high demand for Python Django web developers in the market.

Here are the top ways one can become a successful Python Django developer in 2022:
Open source your work

Put side projects up on Github or another platform. Even if they seem basic, some code to review is better than no code. This is also the case if you work for a company and can't share your day-to-day work publicly. Employers want to see examples of your work. The best interviews do not involve whiteboard questions and cultural hypotheticals; they are real-world discussions about code, architecture decisions, and so on. If you can get to the point where your interviews are about your actual work, you've won. This mirrors what a real-life developer does all day long.

Have a personal site

As a developer, you should be able to configure a personal site that comes up first when a company Googles your name. Use a static site generator like Jekyll or even SquareSpace if you're feeling lazy, but have something. Have an up-to-date About page that mirrors what you're saying in your cover letters and resume. And write at least a few posts about what you're learning, no matter where you are in your journey.

Go to meetups

There are annual Django conferences in the US, Europe, Australia, and now Africa. There are also local Django meetups in dozens of major cities worldwide. Volunteer to give a talk or just attend. You'll quickly find the community of Django employers and contributors is quite small.

Contribute to Django

All open-source projects rely on contributors, including Django and Django REST Framework. There are many open tickets that you can tackle, some complex but often small typos in the documentation or minor things that simply need a little time and care. Tackle something on the easier side, submit your first pull request, and go from there. If you are looking for a Django job and can talk about actually contributing to Django itself, that puts you top of the queue in my book, regardless of how far along you are in your programming career.

Be Confident in Your Skill

The technical interviewing process is grueling and demoralizing for almost everyone. Try not to let "imposter syndrome" overwhelm you in the process. Everyone has their weak spots, even the creators of Django itself! The important thing is, to be honest about what you know and be able to effectively ask for help, in the interview, and on the job. There are a number of good resources available from the Django forum to the Django-users Google group for asking questions.

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