5 Ways in Which Data Science Is Revolutionizing Web Development

by December 7, 2018

Data Science

Technology is a highly dynamic field where new advancements keep coming every day. The data is the next big thing about this modern digital age. Entrepreneurs are rapidly adopting data-driven strategies to power their web presence.

Dependency on data has opened new doors for extracting meaningful insights from analyzing massive datasets and building a robust online identity with the help of a seasoned website development company. Earlier, websites were designed on the basis of results obtained from surveys, feedback from focus groups, etc.

Website builders also don’t really give out much data. But now programmers can access reliable data that help them in understanding the behaviour patterns of the customers and the market trends in a better manner. It is correctly stated by Angela Ahrendts, Senior VP of Retail at Apple: “Consumer data will be the biggest differentiator in the next two to three years. Whoever unlocks the reams of data and uses it strategically will win.”

This particular statement is completely true because now it is the era of bots that have the potential to interact and resolve different problems for the customers. Custom software development companies are figuring out new ways to utilize the advanced data science techniques to build customized websites using Python to suit specific requirements of the end customers. Let’s explore the five major ways in which data science is transforming the web development industry.


1. Boosting Software Production

Earlier, web developers create a page layout or menu details by using their own sense of creativity or just guessing what the end users would prefer. But now it is not the case. With the help of data science, the programmers are provided with all the menu details or page layouts of the competitor websites. They just have to evaluate all of them and design something unique for their client.

In addition, the advanced analytical tools can easily analyze consumer data and give precise suggestions about the particular features or functions that are the most popular among users. Also, data science facilitates the development of better and faster software solutions that are specifically tailored to suit the ever-changing needs of the customers.


2. Automated Upgrades to Make Web Apps Available to The Users 24*7

Now developers are not needed to administer updates manually. They are simply required to tap into the consumer data produced digitally through online forums and social media platforms. Then, with the help of machine learning, this vast pool of data is analyzed and version upgrades are made whenever it is needed.

In addition, data science can be used to discover useful insights about how users are behaving with a particular website? What do they like the most? What improvements or modifications do they want?

This helps in recognizing emerging patterns in consumer behaviour and making the websites ‘self-learning’ so that they enhance themselves at regular intervals of time to suit the growing demands of the end customers.


3. Modernizing Web Development Skill Sets

Considering its huge demand, web developers are gaining the basic knowledge of data science and mastering tools like Google Analytics and Crazy Egg. But this is just the beginning.

The majority of the repetitive and mundane web development tasks are getting automated with the help of data science technology. This has increased the need for web developers with advanced and enhanced skill sets with a vast experience in their resume templates. Because of this fact, now the programmers are required to learn data science tools.

In addition, they are needed to master the different ways in which they can analyze this data efficiently. Also, it has become essential for web developers to figure out innovative ways in which they can utilize the data and build user-centric websites that have the potential to attract a large customer base.


4. Enhancing Personalization By Making Way For The Development Of Custom-fit Websites

With the help of advanced AI-powered tools, it has become much easier for web developers give a personalized feel to their site. AI technology can be used to track the users’ behaviour on the basis of different aspects such as gender, location, age, etc. Also, it can study the likes and dislikes of a particular set of users.

This makes it easy for the programmers to customize the sites in such a way so that it fulfils the specific need of a particular customer segment. Also, by monitoring customers’ spending habits and observing their preferred websites, data can be used to create personalized ads that have the power to encourage that particular set of users to take a buying decision.


5. Acts as Virtual Assistants

Advanced web apps and sites that are built by incorporating data science technology, has the capacity to remember users’ preferences. Also, they can study the lifestyle and time usage of the customers. Such web apps become ideal private assistants to users.

In addition, these web apps also act as trustworthy partners, smart repositories, and intelligent databases for the users. They give a reminder of significant tasks to the users. Also, they have the power to identify gaps in their schedules that they can use for their own benefit or even encourage them to stop harmful habits like procrastination.

In this way, with the help of data science, we are gradually moving towards a progressive age of technology that allows web developers to work on data-driven strategies in order to develop more engaging and impressive websites that have the power to grab and retain users’ attention.