Ready to Hack Ethically? 10 Ethical Hacking Courses to Explore

Explore these top 10 ethical hacking courses for a bright future
Ready to Hack Ethically? 10 Ethical Hacking Courses to Explore

Ethical hacking seems like a linguistic oxymoron, but it is not essentially so. It would be equally right to call it a branch of cybersecurity, which is pretty much what it is. With the soon-to-be world of computers and the Internet, ethical hacking is the fastest-growing field. Indeed, suppose you are a problem person who is fascinated by the concept of testing systems for vulnerabilities. In that case, you most likely have been seeking the fastest route to becoming an ethical hacker, either via the best ethical hacking books or ethical hacking courses. Well, we will leave you with no choice as this article will show you the 10 ethical hacking courses online for you to begin your career in the field, with both free and paid options.

Do you need an Ethical Hacking Course in 2024?

Ethical hacking is a rapidly expanding field of expertise that is accelerating with the increasing reliance on computers and the Internet. A recent report stated a 61% increase in phishing attack rates in 2022; thus, there is no doubt that many organizations will be willing to pay for skilled professionals to protect their systems.

The 2022 figures reflected a total security spend of US$71 out of US$68, and this number is expected to grow steadily in the years ahead.

In other words, the most effective way to leverage this opportunity is to master modern security standards like Zero Trust and take a cybersecurity ethics course to build your technical skills and make your resume shine.

Choosing the best ethical courses

We have considered the following criteria when locating the top ethical hacking courses online in 2024.

Training offered: We were looking for courses that give a holistic education on the fundamentals as well as more advanced hacking techniques.

Instructor credibility: We made sure to have the trainers/partners skilled in knowledge and authoritative enough to provide tips on the issues.

Instructor experience: We tried to find instructors who have a strong understanding of a power provider environment.

Reputation: We read reviews produced by our former and current students.

Top 10 Ethical Hacking Courses

1. Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch in 2024 From Udemy

This Udemy class on cybersecurity for beginners assumes students have no background in cybersecurity. Security CEO will teach us the training, which is both theoretical and practical.

It’s one of the leading online hacking courses that divides the topic into three distinct parts. Firstly, the students will be instructed about network hacking. This will handle packet sniffing, WEP cracking, and WPA/WPA2 cracking. Then, it focuses on four approaches to complete control of computers. Such techniques include client-side and server-side attacks, plus server security tools.

Finally, students learn exploits. This ethical hacker course explains how to enter operating systems and file systems, how to maintain access, spying techniques, and all other exploits. So, covering all the basics you are looking for, this course gets top marks for scope.

Udemy's ethical hacking course will prepare you to determine possible vulnerabilities, prevent attacks, and ensure security without requiring any previous experience. More than 500,000 people have joined this course, which has a rating of 4 and, at the time of the review, 6 stars.

Course link

2. Penetration Testing, Incident Response, and Forensics from Coursera

This IBM online course instructs on penetration testing and how ethical hackers should proceed with the digression processes after an attack. It goes into the details of forensic study and prevention as much as it does of attacking.

It also gives you insight into scripting a system analyst's and an ethical hacker's roles. This particular course is actually offered with an entire specialization on ethical hacking on Coursera, but you can also learn it alone.

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3. The Complete Ethical Hacking Course: Beginner to Advanced!

This 25-hour Hacker Course is specially designed to teach you how to build a hacking environment, attack Wi-Fi, and crack passwords by brute force. In addition, you will cover topics like DoS attacks, keyloggers, and SQL injection attacks. Ethical Hackers have abundant resources above and beyond these few technical tips. While the ethical hacking course we reviewed lacks the neat, organized structure of our number one recommendation, it covers several popular types of hacks in extreme depth. 

Course link

4. Introduction to Ethical Hacking by Coursera

This introduction course combines articles, lessons, and quizzes, which you utilize to learn everything from introductory concepts to cloud computing and more. This will teach you offensive and defensive techniques, as well as how an ethical hacker works on a daily basis. This course will also cover ethical hacking using cryptography and packet sniffing, with included demo-based learning.

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5. Certified Ethical Hacking Course - CEH v12

This partnership-driven course is an excellent choice if you're looking to tackle the CEH v12 certification. It explains topics such as hijacking, cryptography, session hijacking, pen-testing, and so on. A robust security course will allow you to overcome any challenge in your professional life and help you build up a solid foundation for security tips. Similarly, this course includes a practical stage and uses a cohort-based approach across the 5 weeks.

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6. Become an Ethical Hacker by LinkedIn

The class consists of a LinkedIn hacking track composed of 19 courses and almost 30 hours of content. Which stands for high value in a single app, and it is the main reason we picked it as one of the best ethical hacking courses. Students are taught by industry professionals, including Malcolm Shore, Lisa Block, Daniel Lachance, and Stephanie Domas. If you decide to follow the course order, you will begin with reconnaissance and vulnerability detection. Next, you will go into DoS attacks, honeypots, and hacking a wireless network.

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7. Cybersecurity for Managers: A Playbook

Offered by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, this ethical hacking training has been specifically designed for executives and decision-makers. Its playbook makes it easy for executives to create a security strategy using the top-class cyber framework for business operations. Students also learn specific defense techniques that they can use to build more advanced cybersecurity frameworks that meet industry standards. It is higher priced, but it comes from one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

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8. Ethical Hacker by Udacity

This ethical hacking course is the best option for working professionals who want to change their careers and have some required basic information on Linux and Networking. The course begins with a fundamental ethical hacking and further focuses on practical pen-testing and red teaming operations. Similarly to all other nano degree structured courses from Udacity, this course also provides mentor support, real-life industry projects, and career coaching services, which makes it one of the best hacking courses available online.

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9. Penetration Testing: System Security by INE

The ethical hacking course enables you to acquire knowledge from an experienced Ethical Hacker, Leo Dregier. 19 modules that cover advanced topics of ethical hacking are introduced, and these classes outline the workflow ethical hackers follow for system hacking. You will get to know some of the primary attack mechanisms and testing methods. Such training should teach you how to test and strengthen security to help you while taking exams.

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10. Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking with Kali Linux

If you’re looking for a hands-on way to apply the knowledge you learn, this online ethical hacking course, which covers all training in Kali Linux, is a good choice. You’ll learn all you need to know about all the mentioned techniques, like information gathering, network security external pen testing, website penetration testing, network sniffing, social engineering, and more.

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What is Ethical hacking?

Ethical hacking implies an authorized attempt to gain unauthorized access to a computer system, application, or data. To do the job right, ethical hackers must replicate the approaches and operations of malicious hackers.

How many kinds of hacking courses are there?

There are many types of ethical hacking courses, such as a Diploma In Ethical Hacking And IT Security, a Diploma in Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security, BTech Cyber Security, and many others.

How do hackers study?

Hackers learn through different methods, such as online tutorials, forums, and interaction with other hackers. While formal education is useful, practical experience from projects is what makes your skills better. Practical training is the key to solving actual problems and improving your problem-solving skills.

Is ethical hacking a good job?

Ethical hacking is one of the many available cybersecurity job options, and it is exciting and difficult at the same time. Ethical hackers, or penetration testers or white-hat hackers as they are commonly referred to, are critical to protecting digital property and combating deadly cyber-attacks.

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