Free and Certified Course on Ethical Hacking for Beginners

Free and Certified Course on Ethical Hacking for Beginners

Begin your journey towards cybersecurity with a free, certified ethical hacking course for novices

A thorough course covering many facets of ethical hacking is a free and certified course on ethical hacking for beginners. An in-depth overview of security risks and hacking methods is provided by the course. It also covers the steps involved in ethical hacking, such as information collection, scanning, obtaining and retaining access, erasing evidence, and reporting. The goal of the course is to introduce students to the world of hacking and its many subdomains, such as Web, Mobile, and Network applications. You will obtain a certificate of completion upon finishing.

One type of cybersecurity activity is ethical hacking, which is assessing the security and weaknesses of networks and computer systems. With the owners of the system's authorization, ethical hackers also referred to as white hat hackers use the same methods and resources as malevolent hackers. Organizations may strengthen their entire security posture, stop unwanted access, and find and address security vulnerabilities with the use of ethical hacking. 

Great Learning Academy is one of the greatest resources for free ethical hacking education. It provides a variety of cybersecurity and ethical hacking courses. Numerous topics are covered in these courses, including network application security, mobile applications, and online applications. Common assaults, hacking techniques, ethical hacking instruments, and ethical hacking procedures are all covered. Additionally, you can gain experience with sessions that make use of Kali Linux, bWAPP, and other tools. You can display the certificate of completion you will receive from Great Learning Academy on your social media profiles and CV after finishing the courses.

Coursera is an additional platform that provides beginner-level ethical hacking courses. Coursera collaborates with top universities and businesses to deliver top-notch online education. The University of Colorado offers a course called Hacking and Patching Certification that teaches you how to hack and fix vulnerable systems. You will discover how to take advantage of security flaws like buffer overflows, SQL injections, cross-site scripting, and others, as well as how to use firewalls and fixes to protect yourself. Additionally, you will get access to a virtual lab where you can hone your abilities. You must pass both the capstone project and the final test to receive the credential.

Udemy and Alison, which provide a range of courses on ethical hacking and related issues, are two other online resources that provide beginning ethical hacking courses. Courses like "Learn Ethical Hacking from Scratch," "The Complete Hacking Course: Beginner to Advanced," and "Become an Ethical Hacker" are available for selection. The principles of ethical hacking as well as more sophisticated methods and resources will be covered in these courses. Additionally, you will work on problems and scenarios from the actual world. While some of these courses are offered without charge, some do.

A useful and in-demand skill in the cybersecurity sector is ethical hacking. You can learn the fundamentals of ethical hacking, obtain real-world experience, and receive a certificate of completion by enrolling in online courses on the subject. These courses can help you advance your professional chances and prospects while also assisting you in beginning your ethical hacking path.

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