Top Indian Companies Hiring for Data Science Roles

Discover the top Indian companies hiring for Data Science roles
Top Indian Companies Hiring for Data Science Roles

With the present pace of fast-changing Indian industries, data science has become a centre for innovation and decision-making, cutting across sectors. For this reason, the best companies are looking for people who can harness their power. These companies range from tech giants to fledgling startups that open up a million opportunities to apply cutting-edge analytics and machine learning techniques to problems. Here are the top Indian companies hiring for Data Science roles:

Data Scientist: Infosys

About the Job

When it comes to companies hiring for data science, Infosys is the one looking for a Data Scientist who has practice in schematic preliminary languages of programming—Python, R, SQL—with solid experience in machine learning algorithms and statistical methods. The role would involve anchoring machine learning development tracks in client projects, covering data collection, profiling, exploratory data analysis, and preparation.

Key Responsibilities

a. Experiment, tune, and validate AI models

b. Present findings to business users and project management teams

c. Help in the development of AI modules for Infosys solutions and explore newer AI advances

d. Guide junior team members and promote AI within the organization.

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Junior Data Scientist: AB InBev GCC India

About the Job

AB InBev GCC India uses data and analytics to power operational, financial, and technological betterment. One will be joining as a Junior Data Scientist who would transform the finance operations by embedding intelligence across key process areas so that duplicate payments are avoided, vendor transactions reconciled, and much more.

Key Responsibilities

a. Enhance the existing methodologies and model accuracies.

b. Build and deploy production-ready code.

c. Develop artifacts for sharing with business and engineering teams.

d. Work collaboratively with the delivery team to ensure that high-quality code is delivered.

e. Following best practices, writing tests, and using loggers.

Requirements and Qualifications

a. Bachelor's or Master's in engineering, data science, statistics, or related fields.

b. 1-3+ years of experience in analytics and data science

c. Knowledge of Python, SQL, classical machine learning concepts, and data science principles. – nice to have: PySpark, Azure, Git, Data Bricks.

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Associate Data Scientist: Power Foundation of India

About the Job

The role would involve turning complex data into meaningful insights with AI/ML, data analytics, and engineering. The ideal candidate will work closely with cross-functional teams in the Power Sector to analyze data and create visualizations for informed decision-making.

Key Responsibilities

a. Collection, cleaning, and preprocessing data; performing exploratory data analysis; predictive modeling.

b. Design interactive visualizations across tools such as Tableau or Power BI and design dashboards and reports.

c. Lead AI/ML model development process for maintenance, demand forecasting, and other such solutions; guide junior data scientists in their tasks; keep pace with AI advancements.

Required Skill Set

a. Proficiency in AI/ML algorithms, IoT systems, big data technologies like Spark and Hadoop, programming languages like Python, TensorFlow/PyTorch, and cloud platforms like AWS/Azure.

b. 2-3 years of experience in data science and analytics, and in the Energy sector.

c. MS in AI/ML, Data Science, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, or equivalent.

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Data Science Associate: PwC

About the Job

PwC is a leading Indian company that is among the companies hiring for data science roles. PwC does so by rendering strategic and operational support to the partners by handling data management, analysis, and administrative tasks within Partner Affairs operations.

Key Responsibilities

a. Accumulate information, maintain databases, prepare reports, extract, and process them.

b. Develop collaboration with internal teams; draft different communications and reports for senior management; assist in planning and executing internal initiatives.

c. Good interpersonal skills and proficiency in MS Office.

d. Ensure data compliance and manage information flow amongst the stakeholders.

3 - 5 years of experience in Data Management and HR with good knowledge of Power BI.

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Senior Data Scientist : Netflix

About the Job

Netflix is seeking a Senior Data Scientist who will be responsible for delivering insights to drive content decision-making in India. This role shall generate insights, statistical models, and dashboards that will help stakeholders.

Key Responsibilities

a. Define analytical problems and innovative solutions.

b. Create models to explain viewership and content engagement.

c. Build dashboards for self-service metrics and trends by stakeholders.

d. Translate insights into recommendations for improvement at the business or content level.


Predictive modeling, experimentation, SQL, and distributed analytic processing technologies.

Proficient in Python or R

Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to engage diverse stakeholders

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Data Scientist / Data Analyst: Siemens

About the Job

Siemens is looking for a Data Scientist / Data Analyst who will be occupied with the analysis of data coming from IT-OT integrated systems, development of predictive models, and creation of interactive dashboards.

Key Responsibilities

a. Analyze data with statistical methods to identify trends and correlations.

b. Building models to mainly predict trends and hence enable the optimization of maintenance schedules.

c. Dashboards for real-time insights.

d. Consistency and accuracy check of the integrated data.

e. Identification of bottleneck processes and recommendation of improvements.


a. Bachelor's or Master's in Data Science, Computer Science, Statistics, and Engineering, or its equivalent relevant fields.

b. 3–5 years of experience in the domain of data analytics/data science.

c. Proficient in Python, R, SQL, machine learning algorithms, and data visualization tools.

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Senior Data Scientist: Warner Bros. Discovery

About the Job

Warner Bothers is one of the companies hiring for data science roles. As a Senior Data Scientist at Warner Bros. Discovery, one will be integral to change and growth initiatives across the business through data and analytics. One will join a cross-functional, customer-focused, digital-first team to build and deliver analytic solutions with advanced analytical approaches. This will fundamentally be about complicated SQL querying, big data, and statistical modeling, answering intricate business questions, and developing machine learning models to drive meaningful action against key difficulties.

Key Responsibilities

a. Analyze complex big data sets in high volumes from diverse sources through diversified data analytics tools and techniques

b. Collaborate with stakeholders to understand business questions and answer them using proper mathematical techniques.

c. Perform root cause analysis on big data sets to identify opportunities for operational improvement.

d. Deliver actionable insights and provide recommendations on how to influence the decisions of the senior leadership.

e. Design and use machine learning models and statistics that test the efficiency of various courses of action.

f. Apply predictive modeling to forecast trends and advise on decision-making.

g. Apply critical thinking to identify patterns in data and give further insights into the same.

h. Communicate the findings at all levels of the organization through visualization to non-technical stakeholders.

i. Propose strategies and recommend changes in operations based on the findings from data.

j. Collaboration with stakeholders in the implementation of solutions that help drive business outcomes.

k. Active contribution to the formulation and maintenance of analytics development standards and best practices.

l. Simplify abstractions of business problems by engaging different stakeholders to fully understand.


a. Good, clean, and efficient SQL code writing skills; knowledge of data warehousing concepts like star schemas, and slowly changing dimensions.

b. Familiarity with various machine learning techniques, such as clustering, decision tree learning, artificial neural networks, and other applications.

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Tips to Crack These Job Roles

1. Learn languages such as Python and R, without which any data manipulation or analysis cannot take place.

2. Learn statistical techniques and machine learning algorithms to a large extent to interpret the data correctly.

3. Take up internships or projects that will have hands-on experience in data analysis and model building.

4. Learn how data influences business decisions and develop an ability to translate technical findings into actionable insights.

5. Pick up the latest industry trends, new tools, and methodologies through web courses, workshops, and networking events.

6. Showcase your data science skills through personal projects or contributing to open-source places you have worked with. This will help demonstrate your capability to potential employers effectively.


The demand for proficient data science job roles in India will surely rise as data continues to redefine business strategies and consumer interactions. More and more, businesses across companies are realizing the possibility of data-driven insights in competitive advantage and efficiency of operations. There are different data science roles available in the market for those looking to enter the field.

These data science roles demand the acquisition of a blend of technical skills in programming, statistical analysis, and machine learning with strong business acumen is important. Also, continuous learning and keeping updated with the changing industry trends will mean survival in this dynamic field of evolution.

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