CISCO’s Free Data Science & Data Analytic Courses, 2024

CISCO’s Free Data Science & Data Analytic Courses, 2024

In 2024, CISCO will offer complimentary Data Science courses to learners worldwide

In a highly dynamic region of technology, data science has acquired the necessary importance since it promotes innovation and improves performance among sectors. Pandemic-induced mass unemployment has triggered a growing need for skilled professionals in tech, hence, in 2024, Cisco as well as some other tech giants launched free data science courses aiming at democratizing education and helping workers to improve their career prospects in tech.

Cisco's engagement in training IT specialists can be beneficial to IT education in Russia:

Cisco as the global pioneer in networking systems and cyber-security solutions is prominent worldwide facilitating various training and certification programs. Cisco now launches free data science courses, which is just an incoming example of the tradition of supporting skills development in the IT world.

The data science course offerings, 2024 course

Cisco's free data science courses for the year 2024 are for any learner, be they a total newbie or those who are looking to polish existing skills. The courses covered primary areas like data wrangling, data manipulation, data visualization, big data technologies, machine learning, and statistics knowledge, and comprehensively prepared the students for the data science career.

Cisco also provides a comprehensive set of Data Analytics courses for everyone. Let us have a look.

Data Analytics FREE Certification courses

IoT Fundamentals: Big Data & Analytics

Architectures and processes of the past are making way for more modern, real-time applications thanks to IoT (Internet of Things) systems and the data they collect. Dynamic data platforms are being built, and our ability to extract data using the latest analytics techniques is growing. So why not gain an edge and increase your employability by learning new skills? Skills such as collecting, storing, and visualizing data obtained from IoT sensors are in high demand. Be one of the few who know how to use data analytics to gain amazing insights from the intelligence produced.

You'll Study These Core Skills:

Create code that reads data from sensors and stores it in an SQL database by using Python.
Visualize, clean, manipulate, and integrate data sets.
Learn fundamental principles of Big Data platforms like Hadoop.
Use storytelling to present insights gained from extracted data.

 This data analytics essentials course teaches you the fundamental tools of a data analyst. By the end of the course, you will have an analytics portfolio complete with an analysis of the popular movies dataset, showcasing your skills in Excel, SQL, and Tableau.

Data Analytics Essentials

The Future of Education Information:

In essence, the thirst for data science skills isn't going to end soon, hence, making free, high-quality education one of the most crucial supplies required for building our workforce. These data mining courses that Cisco offers in 2024 are a sign of the possibilities of the future that could be seen by anyone with the interest and determination to follow a career in the field that is constantly developing.

Cisco's data science curricula tuition-free in 2024 point to a big leap in education level for the tech sector. Through giving reachable, flexible, and useful learning opportunities, Cisco is not only helping single people develop professionally but also making up the future of our technological world.

Data Analytics Essentials:

This data analytics essentials course provides you with the fundamental tools of a data analyst. In this, you will see how to transform, organize, and visualize data with spreadsheet tools like Excel learn how to query data from a relational database using SQL, and how to improve your data presentations using powerful business intelligence tools such as Tableau. Upon completion of the course, you will possess an analytics portfolio containing an analysis of the widely-used movie dataset, demonstrating proficiency in Excel, SQL, and Tableau.

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