DTX Exchange (DTX) Becomes Top Holding for Polygon (MATIC) and Ethena (ENA) Investors Hoping for 100x Gains

DTX Exchange (DTX) Becomes Top Holding for Polygon (MATIC) and Ethena (ENA) Investors Hoping for 100x Gains

The approval of Ethereum spot ETFs has contributed to noteworthy upward trends in Polygon (MATIC) and Ethena (ENA), reflecting growing market confidence. Meanwhile, DTX Exchange (DTX), a presale token, is experiencing significant capital inflows due to increasing demand. Given that investors consider DTX a superior alternative to MATIC and ENA, does it present the potential for 100x gains? Let's find out!


DTX Exchange (DTX) Presale Gains Continue Rising As It Nears Stage 3

Compared to Polygon (MATIC) and Ethena (ENA), DTX Exchange (DTX) is a newcomer in the crypto market. However, the presale coin is becoming a top performer as it goes through its presale stages with attractive gains and potential for more post-presale profits.

With its 1000X leverage, DTX has become popular among investors who want to maximize their profits with low capital input. Furthermore, presale crypto enjoys a growing user base due to its trading assets, which exceed 120K, all traded under one roof. The assets include some of the most popular markets, such as cryptos, forex, bonds, commodities, etc.

One of DTX Exchange's other main strengths is its priority of privacy and security through its blockchain technology and non-custodial wallets. Furthermore, the hybrid exchange platform utilizes distributed liquidity pools to minimize slippage and optimize trading efficiency.

Interest in DTX Exchange started during its private/seed sale, which raised over $2 million. Later, in its public presale, DTX raised 100K in two days, making it one of the best presale coins in the market. In Stage 1, DTX started with an affordable $0.02, which increased by 100% to its current stage at $0.04.

Expected gains for its earliest investors after presale and before launching is 500% as DTX rises to its anticipated price of $0.12. Experts believe that DTX Exchange (DTX) will provide its investors with 100X gains once it launches on exchanges.


Polygon (MATIC) Bulls Try To Push The Price To Reclaim The 2023 Highs

In 2024, Polygon (MATIC) lost most of the gains achieved in 2023. Nevertheless, Polygon (MATIC) bulls have engaged in an intense race to establish dominance since mid-February. The race followed the altcoin's successful recovery to its initial $1 price threshold set at the start of the year.

However, in the second quarter, MATIC faced significant challenges as bears gained control, causing the price to drop below the $1 level. The situation became more challenging when the price fell below the $0.8 threshold in the second week of April.

Subsequently, Polygon (MATIC) traded between $0.593 and $0.777 since then, forming a sideways movement. The price movement underscores buyers' or sellers' lack of significant influence.

Despite experiencing a decline, Polygon (MATIC) consistently maintained its price above $0.7 since the official approval of Ethereum spot ETFs. The prevailing sentiment surrounding Polygon (MATIC) is bullish, as technical analysis indicates a potential upward trend in MATIC's trajectory, which could see the price cross the $1 level by the end of Q2.

Ethena (ENA): Bulls Try To Maintain A Bullish Trajectory

Following a significant decline in value, Ethena (ENA) rebounded to $0.903 from a low of $0.834, attracting considerable interest from enthusiasts and investors. The surge occurred after the approval of the Ethereum spot ETFs.

Consequently, Ethena (ENA) continued its trajectory to $0.952, triggering a bullish sentiment. Ethena's (ENA) monthly performance also shows a 17% increase from a low of $0.814, and an 80.65% uptick since its initial launch in the first week of April 2024 from a low of $0.527.

Based on technical analysis, Ethen (ENA) encounters a significant resistance level near $0.95. If Ethena (ENA) closes above the $0.95 level before the end of Q2, the price could surge to the $1.5 level.

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