Crypto News: Ethena and Meme Coin Raboo Rally, Will Shiba Inu Recover Losses?


Over the years, crypto investors have learned that the crypto market is where fortunes can change overnight. Lately, two top digital assets have taken center stage: Ethena and the meme coin Raboo (RABT). Meanwhile, the once-celebrated Shiba Inu (SHIB) faces an uphill battle to recover from its recent losses. This article examines the arrival and potential of meme coin sensation — Raboo while considering Ethena’s latest rally and whether or not Shiba Inu will recover its losses.

Raboo’s competitive edge: AI-Driven features and long-term value

Raboo will introduce a new and different perspective on meme coins. Unlike its counterparts, Raboo leverages cutting-edge technology—artificial intelligence (AI)—to create an ecosystem that’s more than just a speculative playground. Here’s what you need to know:

SocialFi Model: Raboo introduces a novel concept called SocialFi. Users participate in meme-generating contests powered by the platform’s self-evolving AI. Creativity is rewarded handsomely, and the community actively shapes Raboo’s trajectory.

Presale Buzz: Currently, there are expectations to hit a 233% increase during the course of Raboo’s presale period, with experts suggesting a 100x rally after the listing. The hype is real, and investors are already rushing the meme coin.

Features: The services that Raboo provides include staking services, an upcoming NFT drop, and a token-burning system. These characteristics are the key reasons for its durability and sustainability to the consumers.

Competition: Raboo isn’t getting its toes wet in the meme coin pond; instead, it’s jumping right in. Prominent names like DOGE and SHIB now have a new competitor to battle with. This way, Raboo can become the new favourite of meme lovers.

Ethena’s strategic partnership with Binance: A catalyst for growth

Ethena’s recent rally can be attributed to several factors that have caught the attention of investors and the broader crypto community:

High Yield Offerings: Ethena has been offering a substantial 27% annualized reward to holders of its USDe stablecoins. This yield is primarily generated by shorting ether futures, which has attracted significant inflows to the platform1.

Staking Incentives: The platform has seen a rise in staking activities, especially with the announcement of “season 2,” which promises increased staking rewards. This has sparked optimism among investors2.

Whale Movements: Large transactions by crypto whales, including the withdrawal and staking of a significant amount of ENA tokens from Binance, have been observed. Such movements often signal confidence in the asset and can lead to price rallies2.

Binance Support: The world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, has announced plans to expand support for ENA, including trading pairs and trading bot services. This kind of support from a major exchange typically contributes to positive price action2.

Technical Patterns: Ethena has formed a flag-like pattern on the charts, which is often followed by a bullish breakout. This technical indicator, combined with the positive sentiment around the platform’s updates and whale accumulation, suggests a strong potential for continued upward momentum

Shiba Inu (SHIB): from stardom to struggle

Remember when Shiba Inu was the talk of the town? In 2021, it delivered an astronomical 43,800,000% gain. But alas, the tides turned. SHIB lost 85% of its value from it's all-time high, leaving investors bewildered.

However, there’s hope:

Token Burning: Over $9 billion worth of SHIB tokens have been burned recently. This reduction in supply could alleviate selling pressure and potentially pave the way for a price recovery.

On-Chain Metrics: The Market Value to Realized Value (MVRV) for SHIB indicates an opportunity zone. Smart investors recognize this as a potential signal for price gains.

While Shiba Inu’s journey has been tumultuous, the crypto world is unpredictable. Keep an eye on SHIB—it might just surprise us yet again.


In conclusion, Ethena and Raboo are currently experiencing notable rallies, showcasing the unpredictable nature of the cryptocurrency market. Shiba Inu’s potential to recover its losses remains uncertain. Raboo is set to change the outlook of meme coins in the crypto market, don’t miss out on the Raboo train.

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