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How Facebook Addresses Terrorism and Violence Through AI/Content Moderators?

The usage of Facebook has become a cultural, economic and social phenomenon that contributes to a lot of aspects of life including business, communication, social connections, and most importantly journalism. The social media site does not only inform about the

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Leaving Behind Rivals, Which Company Will First Reach the Finishing Line of AI Race?

The recent developments in the AI progress are giving us a clear hint of how leading tech-giants are trying their best to achieve the unachievable when it comes to sailing with cutting-edge technologies. A few days back, Microsoft declared a

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How Big Data Influences Policy Making for Better Future of Governance Across the Globe?

As the world is pacing towards data-driven lifestyle, the global policymakers are showing a keen interest in hunting transformation in governance through big data technology. The changes brought in by the technology caters excellent opportunities for economic growth, productivity, innovation

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