AAAccell: Transforming the Financial Industry with Cutting-Edge Innovation

Artificial intelligence and deep learning have the potential to radically improve a number of functions in different industries and financial services is one of them. These technologies enable financial services companies and institutions to completely redefine how they work, how

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3DiVi: The Next Generation Expert in Face and Gesture Recognition

Deep learning is an aspect of artificial intelligence (AI) that emulates the human learning approach that is used by the mankind to gain knowledge. Put into simple words, deep learning is deployed to automate predictive analytics. To understand the complexities of

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Bay Labs: Redefining Cardiovascular Imaging Through Deep Learning

Bay Labs is a privately held medical technology company at the forefront of applying artificial intelligence (AI) to cardiovascular imaging. Bay Labs is focused on increasing quality, value and access to medical imaging by combining deep learning and ultrasound. The

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