How AI and IoT Driven Innovation Can Help Evolve Farmers into Farming Technologists?

As it stands now, farmers are employing new-age technologies to transform production driven by the fact that there is a need to feed more with less and the necessity to address the influences of industrial farming. At present around half

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Top AI Advances Changing the Face of Agriculture in Modernised World

Agriculture today is not restricted to old school farming rather farmers are shifting towards modernizing almost every farming process through new-age technology. Agricultural communities are employing Artificial Intelligence in amazing ways to transform food cultivation culture.   Variable Rate Planting

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The Power of Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture

The agriculture industry now is experiencing rapid growth and adopting advanced technologies in order to bolster the overall yield of the crops. Accessibility of a large number of equipment and state-of-the-art technologies like intelligent monitoring system, drones, robots, among others

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Robotic Agriculture Will Provide Sustainable Assistance to Farmers in Feeding the Mouths

The fast-paced world is moving ahead with evolving basic humanitarian needs. Sometimes we don’t even realize that we are surrounded by technologies even in our closed knitted envelops. Various industries and businesses have adapted to the tech-world shifting to the

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How Big Data Can Revolutionize Agriculture

Big data is becoming pervasive by introducing more sophisticated ways to exploit roots of technology. Not only user interfaces but also necessary tools have evolved drastically. Big data has made the world truly close, and yes, the customised data choice

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Infosys Widens Partnership with Google Cloud Empowering Digital Transformation

IT MNC Infosys, recently, announced the expansion of its partnership with Google Cloud to become a Google Cloud MSP (Managed Service Provider). After qualifying as MSP, the company will offer clients full application lifecycle services with deep cloud and data

August 22, 2019

Apple Music For Artist Out From Beta, Now Available With iOS App And Shazam

The tech-giant Apple has recently launched a free analytics tool for verified musicians and their camps. The tool was launched on Apple Music as ‘Apple Music for Artist’ and is available on desktop or other Apple devices. The product uses

August 9, 2019

Psychology Experts Do Not Certitude The AI Emotion Recognition Modelling

Artificial Intelligence has not only revamped the business world but also made our personal lives better. The AI engineers are paving their ways to transform AI algorithms into emotional intelligence for human welfare as they are used to make most

July 29, 2019

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