Top 5 Agtech Companies Around to Lookout in 2023

Top 5 Agtech Companies Around to Lookout in 2023

This article will enlist the top fastest-growing Agtech companies around to keep an eye on

The agriculture industry is gradually transforming into the next high-tech sector. Agtech is a contemporary subfield of agriculture that has a prime focus on offering sustainable agricultural technologies. Crop yields, supply chains, and sustainability are all being enhanced by the use of technologies like computer vision, artificial intelligence, and blockchain. Many Agtech companies came to light that wants to incorporate technology into the industrial process, for making life easier. Agtech companies have evolved to offer technological goods and services that will advance farming methods all around the world. As top Agtech companies are adding new potential, investments in the Agtech industry totaled $10.5 billion in 2021. The market size of the worldwide Agtech sector is anticipated to reach $22.5 billion by 2025. Here we are listing the top 5 Agtech companies to keep an eye on.


The Agtech business that every grain farmer has to be aware of is called Farmlead. Farmlead connects grain farmers to buyers who are ready to purchase their products.  This is among the top Agtech companies for 2023 as it offers a mobile app called Combyne that connects grain growers with customers. One of the most widely used apps for selling agricultural goods is called Combyne. On the Combyne platform, the most recent prices for grains and other goods are provided.


Leading soil sensing and agricultural analytics company, Cropx offers data-driven farming solutions. This well-known Agtech company enables farmers to choose how to use agricultural inputs based on science. By figuring out how much irrigation a given field requires using its software application, it assists farmers in knowing how much farm inputs to utilize. Farmers benefit from having this knowledge since it enables them to adjust to how the land they want to irrigate is changing. Cropx creates technologies that can forecast water use trends, identify broken irrigation equipment and systems, and enhance the overall irrigation decision-making process.


Bluwrap is a leading Agtech company that provides technological solutions that naturally extend the shelf-life of perishable proteins. In order to enable the transportation of fresh fish and shell proteins produced by fish farmers to anywhere on Earth without the use of ice or polystyrene, which could be harmful to the environment, it has developed an oxygen management method. This method provides and sustains a naturally controlled atmosphere environment that suspends time. Additionally, the issue of expensive air freight is addressed by this innovation.


Swiim is a leading water resources management firm. The name Swiim of this Agtech business describes the services it offers. Sustainable Water and Innovative Irrigation Management are referred to as Swiim. In terms of measuring water, the company has created a new and improved standard. Growers can obtain a precise measurement of the water provided to and used on agricultural fields thanks to Swiim's products.

Full Harvest

Farmers who previously couldn't maximize their profits now can, thanks to Full Harvest. The Agtech business makes sure that no food is lost after being collected. The company Full Harvest connects farmers with purchasers who will use their excess perishable harvests. With Full Harvest, no fruit or vegetable is a waste, unimportant, or too bad because the company ensures the products are delivered to buyers who need them.

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