Now You can Buy Dresses on Metaverse and Wear them on Insta and Facebook

Now You can Buy Dresses on Metaverse and Wear them on Insta and Facebook

Meta introduced a designer digital clothes store to buy clothes for avatars in its metaverse

Meta Inc or formerly Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the launching of a designer digital clothing store that will allow users to purchase pieces of clothing for their avatars in its metaverse, called the Meta Avatars Store. Zuckerberg announced this on an Instagram live along with Instagram's vice president of fashion partnerships Eva Chen. The corporate believes that clothes and different equipment will develop into a vital part of the customers' identification expression and that this can entice them to spend cash on digital garments that might be wearable on all Meta's apps, together with Facebook and Instagram.

Meta to digital clothing store:

The new virtual store is launching on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger and will allow users to buy digital clothes for their avatars. With the rise of the metaverse, an alternate and digital take of our world, firms have begun to incorporate industries like clothes to capitalize on the earnings that the necessity for expression of metaverse customers can produce. Zuckerberg said Meta plans to make the store an open marketplace where developers can create and sell clothing.

The Meta Avatars Store will start rolling out in the United States, Canada, Thailand, and Mexico. The company plans to introduce new brands for the store soon. Digital goods will be an important way to express yourself in the metaverse and a big driver of the creative economy.  Currently, the pricing of digital clothing has not been revealed yet. However, free clothing for digital avatars will continue to remain available.

These 3D Avatars have already been rolled out to many other countries and are now being made available in India. Meta did not create any hype around the new venture despite the involvement of big names. Moreover, it has not given any details regarding the timeline of the launch. The company now also allows users to bring the same avatar across all Meta platforms, including VR.

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